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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LarryCanadian, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Barber gets gameball of course. He will be a great 3rd down back and share timer with Julius. Don't underestimate how his play will motivate Julius as well. What an awesome situation. Thompson can continue to learn the Pro game (he is very talented and very inexperienced). Thomas is the guy that waits in case of injury or a meltdown (would seem unlikely now).

    We have to be ecstatic with Barber. He was dinged in pre-season and then had that one 3rd and 1 play where he kind of blew it by trying to take it outside. At that point everyone was pretty unexcited about this kid. Now 3 weeks later and he looks like he can step in and do it all, run, block, catch. Huge help. He really runs with power, and while Julius will be fine, Barber seemed to play with more decisiveness on his runs than Julius did all through the start of the year. The Oline is doing a better job of blocking, but Barber sure had a nose for endzone on his two touchdowns and there was no hesitation. He was sharp and efficient and explosive. Very impressive.

    Larry Allen. He has stepped up his game in last 2 weeks. Maybe no Flo scared him a little. He has made 3 or 4 outstanding pulls in last 2 games that have each resulted in big runs.

    Brady James. I lumped him in with Coleman and Singleton as training camp princes, but the game after I posted that, he really started to be in the right spot and starting showing his potential. He makes a couple big plays a game now.

    Henry of course. He slipped a bit on that touchdown, which was a well thrown ball and a good catch. He tackles well, looks for ball, has great size, and showed awesome composure and athleticism on that interception TD return. Last year on Henry's pick, our CB wouldn't have known ball was coming and it would have bonked him on the arse.

    Ellis and Ware. Ellis stepped up when others started getting cool in game. Ware might not have had sack but he pressured all game and he draws a bunch of attention. His pressure/arm slap caused the underthrow and pick by Henry.

    Further thoughts:

    I know we are all frustrated that we left one, two, maybe even 3 games as losses that could have/should have been wins. We outplayed Washington and Seattle for most of the games. No one has deserved to outright "beat" Dallas.

    Let me throw this thought out there though. I still feel Parcells is playing for this team to win next year and in future and wins this year and any run to and in playoffs is just gravy. Why. Well there is a list of reasons.

    He drops Vollers and Walters on Oline because he says they are gone next year anyways as free agents. Keeps Noll. He plays Petiti instead of signing one of the old vet tackles in free agency.

    He cuts Robinson and says the exact same thing (I didn't like this). Robinson might have meant one more made field goal, but he was gonna be gone next year as free agent, so we develop and try out a few young guys at deep snapper NOW.

    We play Crayton. ALOT. Even with Price signed, Crayton was going to be played and developed.

    Parcells is playing Canty, Spears, and Ware a bunch. How important is that going to be over next 3 games in 11 days. Even Ratliff is getting decent snaps.

    We are playing our young running backs over Anthony Thomas. Total rookies over a proven vet. Very unParcells like really.

    The team is developing its young players for the future. That future seems to be coming faster than even the coaches expected. It will payoff at years end and certainly next year.

    I'd like Peterman to get some playing time as we need a young guard to develop. If we are blowing someone out some reps for Romo wouldn't hurt either if he needs to step in for a game or two.

    And yes I agree with all the posters that say for next years draft we do on offense what we did this year on defense. Oline Oline Oline - We need another stud young Offensive Tackle and a Guard. WR. On defense get a free safety.

    Next year at safety. I want SS Roy Williams with special teams ace Keith Davis as backup. I want Beriault (he will make the team and make plays) as backup to some stud ball hawk cover free safety.

    Yeah we blew a couple of games, but the future looks really bright. What a draft this last one was, and not a bad freeagent crew either. Tough second half schedule wise, but there is no reason Dallas can't control it's own destiny and win NFC East.

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    Maybe at the beginning of the year BP thinks next year is the Boys year, but right now he has to be thinking this year is the year - Bledsoe gets one year older and the NFC is ripe for the taking and we can play with anybody in it.

    Not saying next year will not be good too, but you have to take advantage of your opportunities and it is sitting at the front door!!!
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    I have a hunch that we are ahead of where BP thought we would be on D. His real disapointment was on the O line. BUT if that continues to shape up as it slowly has been the last 3 weeks, then we are in very good shape for a stretch run. there is no super team in the NFC this season; we have as good a chance at making it to the SB as anyone does.

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