My thoughts on draft, what cowboys should do & not do; comparing 49ers 1986 draft

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    ok, First, i am going to list the 49ers draft in 1986;
    2nd Larry Roberts DL
    3rd Top pick in 3rd Tom Ratham
    3rd Tim McKyer
    3rd John Taylor 76th pick in 3rd, guess who cowboys drafted at 74th-
    Mark Walen a bust at DT
    4th Charles Haley 96th pick in 4th
    4th Steve Wallace 101st pick in 4th, Guess whom cowboys drafted at 100th-
    Max Zenrejes a kicker and a bust
    4th Kevin Fagan 102 DT, average at best but helped their defense
    6th Don Griffn guess whom cowboys drafted before don griffin in 6th round and the cowboys had 3 picks in 6th rd. Lloyd Yancey G, Stan Gelbaugh QB,
    & Thorton Chandler TE all busts

    My point being, after first round of 18 picks in draft of top tier players, draft to me drops another level of players from 21st pick in first round to say mid 2nd round like right at the 48th to 50th spot. Thats where the nucleus of players are in that area, and its true also at about the 50th pick, varying from different draft sites, the level drops off another level from mid
    2nd round to 5th.

    To me thats where the cowboys need to focus their picks, maybe at top of 6th round too, but not below that too much, talent level really drops off after 5th round.

    So, to me, we should package some of our players possibly like greg ellis or bobby carpenter or pat mcquistan, and keep in the 2nd to 5th round area, possilbly top of 6th round.

    Granted your scouts have to know their homework and they have to dig and know their players, but if done right you can find gems in the draft in that area.

    Just my thoughts;

    read it, discuss it, break it down, give it your best shot;

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