My thoughts on Jason Garrett, and overall coaching

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by brymatt94, Feb 15, 2014.

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    Having some experience playing football as many on here do, I have learned that there's a difference in losing a game because of skill and the ability of the players and losing because of a coach. It is a mentality that you will see from Pop Warner to high school to the NFL if you know what to look for. Some might not understand it because everything is cut and dry to them. But I have played for and witnessed other players who have played for coaches that they will run through a brick wall for and still lose 48-3.

    I've talked to former players from my playing days who say that they will do anything for that coach despite the fact that they went 1-7 and missed the playoffs. There is a moment when the talent and ability of the coach to lead merge, and there is success.

    The majority on here will say, "oh boy this guy is on the moral victory train" and that's not it. I'm saying there is something learned from being around good football coaches and bad football coaches that cannot be seen by only playing the role of a spectator. It is like seeing another color in the electromagnetic spectrum. I have had terrible, terrible football coaches who won just because of talent. I could be very very wrong but this "run through a wall and lose scenario" is something I see from Jason Garrett. Win, lose or whatever, in five years I'd like to see if Sean Lee tells Jason Garrett, "regardless of what has happened and regardless of what is said about you, I loved to go into the field of battle with you.

    Is it about winning? Absolutely! I want a super bowl, and everyone else here does as well. If Garrett is 7-9 at the end of this season and gets fired, you can come back and tell everyone and most of all me, thank God and I told you so. But there are players in the locker room, whether you can see it or not who will take a couple of minutes away from focusing on the win-loss column and say, "That man made a difference in a way that only I can see."
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    I see what you are saying. The team doesn't seem to give up. Even with Romo out against Philly, they put up a good fight. I would be a little more patient if we hadn't endured nearly 20 years of mediocrity. We need results, and it doesn't seem like Garrett is capable of getting them.

    I think this has less to do with him as a coach and more to do with his relationship with Jerry. He didn't command enough respect from Jerry to get the power he deserves.
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    This is a results league. Is what it is.
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    You speak the truth, more recently I have seen the power that Jerry truly holds. I'm not as oblivious to it. I'm hoping that the hiring of Linehan is a sign of at least SOME progress made between Jerry and his coach.
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    Great perspective by the OP and Bob is right. The Jerry factor is always a part of the coaching equation in Dsllas.

    To be honest it's a disgrace to even have to admit it.
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    I'm sure the players love him. I think he's a good man, well respected, and book smart.

    My problem with him is his lack of experience of coaching at any level. It shows up in game planning, time management, and his deer in headlight looks when the wheels are falling off.

    We have found some pretty "dad gum" crazy ways to lose over the past three years. Probably more off the wall losses than any team in NfL history. Some sad. But also some Freekin hilarious. Games that should have been in the win column, amd if they were, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Most of those you have to chalk up to JG.
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    If you don't see it..........
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    The time is fast approaching when JG will be obliged to show tangible results to justify his employment. Break even results at season's end may, indeed, have been bearable for the time while he's been "in training" but it's likely this will be his last go-around at proving himself worthy to remain a Cowboy. I'll wish him well in that regard as long as it'll mean success for the team when he succeeds. Another miscue in terms of reaching the playoffs would likely have many of his well-wishers, myself included, reaching a 180-degree turnaround in terms of putting up with yet another year of mediocrity. JG's players may faithfully "have his back" but I can't help but believe the majority of Cowboys' fans and even Jerry will demand a playoff appearance in 2014.
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    You have to learn from your mistakes. That is life in a nutshell. I hope JG is learning from all the mistakes he has made especially in game situations. So far, I have not seen many signs that this has happened.
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    Knowing your defense is struggling, one would think the head coach takes that into consideration when making game plans, and specifically fourth quarter plans. We have seem time and again this te3am have a lead and lose it late and then the game.

    So if this is a footprint for the way games go, then what can a coach do to change the results? How can he make a coaching de3cision to alter his game plan and have the ball last with the lead? Then protect that lead.

    Detroit, Green Bay, Denver were three games that come to mind over the last season. In all of those games the offense wasn't balanced, and the running game was abandoned.

    Garrett is the head coach and he has the ultimate authority to change plays called from the sidelines, and to tell his quarterback to not over rule the call from the sidelines.

    Garrett is the ultimate voice of what is and what is not. He continues to allow, endorse, or be responsible for calling pass plays, and not using clock management to milk the win.

    Sometimes the team will lose because controlling when you get the ball is out of the question. But those three examples above, and I can think of others - N.E. winning on the last drive - which indicates a weakness in the coaching strategy, should be addressed.

    Some will say this is an over simplification.

    However, if you see this footprint repeated time and again, do you not address it?

    Does anyone here know for a fact Garrett attempts to manipulate the last quarter for success?

    This is not about moral victories for me. This is about strategy and sometimes throwing a change-up when they are expecting the fastball.
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    At this level, almost all the players in the NFL have that attitude and work ethic or they wouldn't be in the NFL. I don't see it as having anything to do with a particular coach.

    The coach is responsible for the game plan every Sunday and assessing the team's weaknesses and strengths, The coach is responsible for exposing the opponent's weaknesses through film study and intuition.
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    This, in my opinion, is Garrett's biggest failure.
  14. Alexander

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    Even without cultural mandate of this team, he can still overcome that and win the winnable games. Jerry Jones is not telling him to throw the ball against Green Bay.
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  15. Alexander

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    Correct. Garrett is barely a step above Campo when the games are played. He might be "building something" that can't be seen and winning press conferences, but I can literally say I have never come away from a game where I felt he outcoached the competition. Our record with him as a head coach against teams with winning records speaks directly to that.
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  16. Alexander

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    Film study is worthless and has no bearing on winning football games. I read that right here.
  17. casmith07

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    Good post. I agree wholeheartedly.
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    I don't know about failure. How does a 1st time head coach warrant the same respect that the lunatic gave Bill Parcells?

    All this is is people once again scapegoating Jason Garrett for the sins of Jerry Jones.
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  19. Alexander

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    If Garrett had won a game or two more each season (most of which he had at least two games where his inexperience was the difference), he would have a lifetime job for Jerry Jones.

    If he was a real head coach instead of hit and miss trainee, he would have a ten year contract in his hands from Jones by now.

    He is almost the perfect head coach for Jones.

    There is comfort, he is in the family portrait, he accepts and allows Jones to emasculate him publicly and embraces drive-by interference sessions that pop up from time to time. He is complicit in practically every move that is made. There is rarely any conflict.

    He would be a perfect coach for Jones except for that darn not making the playoffs thing. Unfortunately Jones cannot even create a Frankenstein monster/trainee that functions.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    Cowboys new paradigm: Just try hard and have a few good qualities. Actual talent and production? Honestly attempting to put the best possible product on the field? That's for other franchises.

    And BTW, cut the insinuation that if you played football you can see how good Garrett is, and if you don't see it it's because you don't know the game. Some of us who played a little can see that he's a replacement level coach.
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