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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Oct 6, 2013.

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    First im going to start off by asking what did the Cowboys give MO at halftime? Peyton after that INT didnt even go in Mo's direction. What was he doing? Because he was rarely in the picture after that aswell. He struggled bigt time early but whatever he was doing in the 2nd half, lets have more of that.

    I honestly think this team wanted to run the ball and keep Peyton off the field. That failed in the first half and there was no point in running the ball in the 2nd until that last drive. But they were going to go with what got them there. Romo made a bad choice, plain and simple. Im sure they thought "we got this game in Romos hand" especially with the game he was having.

    Its amazing the transformation this OL has done from even the preseason. Leary, Fred, Waters are going to work better by the week. Romo got them yrds because the guys up front dominated. Even on his two mistakes, Early sack and the int he had forever and a day to throw run or get rid of it. But he made a bad choice on both plays.Tyron and Waters pulling, thats something we saw before and saw nothing but failure. This Core is improving and growing.

    Dallas found its replacement for Austin in 2014. They knew he was a player but for the first time in his young career he showed it. TWill is going to form a great duo with Dez. Saywhat you want about Escobar but he's got talent and when Witten rides into the sunset he is his replacement. Escobar is the type of player to stretch the field.

    Hatcher and Selvie should be the cornerstone for the DL in 2014. Selvie on a night that he shouldve probably been held out was his typical disruptive self.

    Its clear Ware light is dwindling. I could see him retire soon. But IMO Dallas should move him before theres no value. Tonight on 3 different occasions i saw him take himself out of the game.

    Sean Lee is a beast in any form you want to put it in. Passing game, running game. He defends it all.

    Bruce Carter had a comeback game of sorts. We was around the ball alot today and made some plays in the 2nd half that saw the defense turn the tide after the 1st Denver TD.

    Carr plays in great posistion but he rarely looks back at the QB rather playing for the stop on the WR after the catch. If he turns occasionally there will be TOs for him.

    Church is a very good player up on the LOS or in the box but Dallas plays him at FS. IMO he's a better Wilcox. Same player with better skills. Maybe not even skills, Just knows his assignments. Dallas needs a FS, period.

    Romos INT got me angry because i wanted that win, as im sure everybody that has anything invested into the Dallas Cowboys felt. But this team left it all on the field today. I just hope they can use this as a stepping stone to realize that they are better than the majority of this league. And i really believe that. People wanna talk about Dallas def couldnt stop Denver. Nobody is going to stop that team. You just have to play mistake free ball and score with them. Get a few mistakes to go on their end and hope you dont make one. Dallas made one at the end of the game and they won. Plain and simple.

    IM not blind to the teams holes but i see them as being a really good team that is just looking for the parts to come together. I say ride with the Cowboys with the good and the bad or just walk away. Thats my way of thinking. And thats what ill always go by. The day i think this team is garbage i wont watch the NFL anymore. Becuase this is the team i grew up loving and has never left.
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    I disagree on shopping Ware. There are some players that you let them ride out here. Ware has done more than enough to deserve the respect of the organization to not be traded.
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    That way of thinking has gotten this team in the cap situations theyve had. You cant keep him if this is the production you get from here on. No way, no how. This is the Dallas Cowboys, not Dallas Wares. There is no player above the team.
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    NO! If you feel Ware has value you don't let loyalty stand in the way.....You don't "ride out" players damnit, if a guy is done move on, just do it with class......
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    nice post latin, but I dont think today is the day to say how great Sean Lee is. I like him too, but he had a disastrous game. Why do so many defenders never look back for the ball? I just dont understand it. If he looks back, its not passinterference and it might've been a pick for him. (I cant really remember if the ball was catchable...but if he isnt looking back then no way is he intercepting anything)
  6. LatinMind

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    Its hard with Manning because he gets rid of the ball fast, And he's deadly with his anticipation on where his people are going to be. He expects them to be there. Thats what makes him great. I bring up Carr because its not only this game but plenty. Lee IMO is probably the best covering LB in the nfl. The guy is always looking for the ball, always reading the QBs eyes. Hes done it in the past on Manning.
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    But not today. Thats why he was flagged.
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    Great post and i agree with all of it. Just didnt want to quote the whole post. But this part is important - because i also beleive Denvers offense is going to light up every team they play all year.

    In addition to the points you made - the cowboys were down 15 to Denver when they first got the ball in the 2nd half and were up by 7 more than halfway through the 4th quarter. That is a 22 point swing against stat wise the best offense EVER in the history of the NFL.
  9. dupree89

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    Since this is kind of a post about post game thoughts....

    I am almost afraid to ask this...has anyone heard any brilliance out of the mouths of JJ or JG regarding this game?
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    Great post. There is a lot of positive's to take away from this game, I really doubted TWILL in the past but he showed up and showed up in a big way today,,,,Job well done TWILL and all the WR's. Really glad to see the BEAS gets some more game time, he is not a deep threat, all he does is move the chains and that is big. As for DWARE, I agree with you , I don't want to see him go but if an inviting offer came in before the trade deadline this year, I would pull the trigger and really think hard about moving him in the off season. Great player, but the Cowboys DL needs players with an upside not on the wrong side of the career. Like it love it or hate it Spencer, Rat and Ware are not going to be Cowboys much longer, retirements, FA or releases are all on the horizon.

    But BIG kudo's to the Offense Line, Smith, Leary, Fred, Waters, Free all are really making a difference. Romo has had all day to throw the ball and that is something Dallas and Tony Romo has not seen in many years..

    My biggest negative is Garrett, not that he did anything wrong. I just don't see how he makes a difference in the game. I would of liked to see him take a little time and talk to Romo about not doing to much, more of mentor but that is not gonna happen. He is not the type of coach who would do an on-side kick, fake FG or try to catch the other team off guard. Its straight by the book. No advantage by having Garrett as a HC.

    Think Garrett would be a better personnel guy or GM than a HC...just my 2cents
  11. Ender

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    The offense needs to play like this every week.
  12. Muhast

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    I have a hard time saying anything positive about the defense today. Most of their runs were the exact same plays, right off tackle, right where the DE came from, and the RB was untouched until 5-7 yards downfield. They weren't running up the middle, it was right off tackle and neither our DE's or LBs could do anything about it. Claiborne did make a nice play on the int, but that was an awful pass. Happy to see him make the play though. Our defense was absolutely atrocious today. Receivers running 7 yard routes and gaining 15. It was ridiculous, the entire middle of our defense is just wide open. I have a feeling we will see this all season long with no adjustment made. Hard to positive about ANYTHING the defense did today. The offense on the other hand, the OL gave Romo all day. Romo was great all day until the final throw. Devastating b/c that could have been a storybook win for him. Breaking the franchise yards in a game record, shredding the defense, going TD for TD with one of the best QB's ever to play. But the late INT will be the storyline of the week. I hate it for him, he was playing so well. He had the Romo Magic Houdini like escapes, the big plays, the jaw dropping plays, and the last throw will get all of the media attention.
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    I would trade him if they get a decent offer. His salary is 12M next year and 13.75M the year after next.
  14. Ratmatt

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    Claiborne was actually beaten by Decker on his int.,but the ball was underthrown by Manning.Selvie is no cornerstone.
  15. davey999

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    You might be able to get a late round pick for Ware at this point.

    He has problems against backups.
  16. Bigdog24

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    sad but true...:(
  17. Szczepanik

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  18. Zordon

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    late round though? i still think we can get a 2nd minimum.
  19. mldardy

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    I like the observation about Mo. He still made some mistakes today but I think getting the fumble recovery and INT will definitely boost his confidence. Like baseball when a batter is in a slump and gets a cheap infield hit or something and they start to get their swing back. I look for Mo to continue to improve each week.
  20. TrailBlazer

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    Claiborne actually made a better play on the ball than the receiver did

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