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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Oct 20, 2013.

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    I was perhaps the most adamant this past offseason with the notion that we should have traded Romo, repaired the cap and rebuilt. I felt we could have secured a first rounder for Tony (maybe more) and started on our way towards refreshing the franchise. I also felt that without Romo we would have been horrific in 2013, but that would have secured a top 3 pick in the next draft. I was willing to bite the bullet to avoid the coming aCAPalypse.

    I posted all that because, despite being a big Romo fan, I simply don't believe in big salaries for players his age...particularly if they are crippling salaries. Given the sorry status of our cap...the Romo salary will end up being crippling.

    That all said...I still believe in Tony the player and the Cowboys have now hitched their fate to him.

    Clearly the back injury was more than what we heard reported. Romo was handling himself very gingerly in training camp. It's possible that its still bothering him. But it's far more likely that the crazy winds in Philly impacted all the quarterbacks today.
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    Anybody seen the OP
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    I wish he was a bit bigger and they could put him at the Will and put a ball hawk in his place at FS.
    Otherwise- man's man on that field. He does much more good than bad.
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    But those "2 fluff years" are in years 6 and 7 of the contract. Years 4 and 5 still have guaranteed money assigned to them.

    Also there are no guarantees because you can't prorate guarantees over a period greater than 5 years so I'm not sure you can get an impression of anything by looking at it.

    Not quite sure. I'm reading things a bit differently by looking at the contract. By no means am I an expert but here's how it comes across to me.

    $7.5M of his scheduled base salary becomes guaranteed if he's on the roster the 3rd day of the league year. That's not anything new, it's just a typical restructure that is written into the contract. Kind of interesting when you think about it. The team basically wrote the contract to be restructured in 2015 which means that they themselves have projected a cap number that needs to be reduced 2 years in advance.

    That $7.5M can then be prorated over a 5 year period and effectively reduce his cap figure for 2015 by $6.25M. That would put his cap figure at $19M provided they didn't restructure his contract this coming offseason, which there has been a ton of discussion about.

    You wouldn't wait until June 1st to cut him in this particular case because you'd increase the total dead money amount by all $7.5M that was guaranteed on the 3rd day. As it is, if they cut him at the end of 2014 there'd be $19M in dead money. To do any sort of splitting they'd have to wait until the 2015 league year starts, designate him a June 1st cut, and then cut him on the 1st or 2nd day of the league year.....if that's even possible at al.

    I think that would apply $8.2M in previously guaranteed money (in the form of prorated allocations to the 2015 year) to the 2015 cap, but it would also accelerate the remaining $11.6M in guaranteed money that is currently scheduled for years beyond 2015 to the 2016 cap.

    As a result, Dallas wouldn't save $15M against the cap. You have remember that the restructure is planned (and I had actually overlooked this in some of my previous posts) for the 3rd day of the league year. When that day comes, it's gong to trigger. When it does, his base salary drops from $17M to $9.5M. Add in his $5M in signing bonus scheduled for that year, $3.2M in charges that are the result of previous restructures, and $1.5M for the conversion of that $7.5M into charges attributed to the years 2015 to 2019.

    Summed up, his real cap figured for 2015 if he's on the roster is $19.2M

    Cutting him before the 2015 season applies $19.9M in dead money to 2015. Even if they could designate him June 1st and cut him before the 3rd day they'll still take $8.2M, which is a reduction of $11M for the 2015 season but all that money is simply pushed to 2016.

    No matter how it would all work out I think it's highly unlikely. You'd essentially have to believe that the team intentionally (and while knowing full well the final outcome) wrote a contract that would leave them with almost $20M in dead money after a period of 3 years.

    His cap figures for 2013 and 2014 are $11.8M and $21.7M when you add the $19M in dead money that would follow you're looking at a total usage of cap space of $52.5M for 2 years of play? Romo himself would be an idiot to sign a contract that allows him to play just 2 more years and then be cut with over 60% of the total money unpaid. Why not sign for a less overall amount that gives you the ability to play 4 or 5 more years and earn a lot more when it's all said and done.

    I just can't see it as a possibility. I think they'll restructure him once, likely twice and I think he'll be on the team through 2017.
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    Nice post!
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    Attack the absurdities Idgit!
    You are full of it dude. The New Orleans Saints had a record number of interceptions and turnovers when Darren Sharper was on the defense in their Superbowl season. Their turnover ratio that year was stupendous. Eli won through running the ball [with Bradshaw] behind a good offensive line [at the time] and a fearsome front four on defense...fearsome enough to beat one of the most prolific offenses ever assembled [Patriots '07]. Rodgers is 0-18 in fourth quarter comebacks versus teams with a record better than .500. You are in the weeds with this wanton idiocy.
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    Not sure if serious..
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    I suggest you read the 2nd reponse from me where i further clarified it to a legit post.
    I sincerly think his back has some lingering issues that have nothing to do with a cyst. He doesnt throw the long ball anymore, his throws are always a little too soft or behind the player. Before Tony would overthrow alot now its usually behind. There is occassional zip on his throws but not what fans are accustomed to seeing.

    If you go over every game from this yr you will see a trending throw from romo and thats low and behind the player on most of his incompletions. One of the MOds ABQ sees this and talks about it every week.

    His age and i believe his back are whats holding him back. Nobody can tell me Bill Callahan is keeping Romo from the long ball. Parcells couldnt even do that.
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    Nice post. But i just dont see him playing in Dallas 2016. Especially with the contracts that are coming up. As i said Dez, Smith and Carter. With the amount of rookie contracts Dallas has at this point Dead money wont hurt them as it has in the past. The core starting players of this team are in their rookie deals. You keep Romo longer the bigger chance in losing some of these younger guys. Dallas is horrific in its diagnosis of players, or letting the public know. You can go back to players like Newman, Henry, Ratliff, Hell go to Marco Rivera.. The guy was injured before Dallas signed him. Their medical people looked him over but just a week or 2 after they signed him apparently there was more wrong with him.

    Right now at this moment, Romo is the best chance this team has at winning.but come April if Teddy B, Murray, Manziel is there i bet you Jerry jumps on it. Especially i think Manziel. Jerry would market the hell out of him. Never underestimate Jerry when he thinks he has the coaches who can get the job done with players of lesser talent to go after the marketable guy that can fill the seats create revenue and get the job done on the field.
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    how am I hating?

    We've seen Romo peak, and he played a below average game for the 2nd week in a row.
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    Who decides if a thread is featured?I really don't see why this is even featured.
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    why do you care?
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    Why do you care that I care?
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    i don't....carry on with your whining.

    maybe one day you'll grow up to be a big boy and not let such trivial things bother you or at the very least, open yourself up to criticism by making your own threads.
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    Lol you care. As far as bothering me I'm not losing no sleep over it. Just asked a question and gave an opinion. Thanks for caring. Lol
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    Romo has an average game where both INT's were not his fault.. and you want his head? But when he plays well I bet you are all pro Romo?
    Be weary of giving the DL tons of hype before they prove they are consistent...
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    The question of why/how some become featured threads...It's a very valid question...and Zordon in this case you are the inappropriate (and shrill) whiner, not little jr.
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    Huge over reach on the Romo analysis, looks more like he's being overly cautious with his ball placement. Just two weeks ago he set playing field on fire with fantastic play and got lambasted anyways. At any rate, the dude is near retirement anyways and the team should seize the moment if they get a chance at a top QB.
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    I was born in 94 and I started really paying attention to the Cowboys the year Parcells was brought in, so I guess that would mean since Quincy. Some youngsters do appreciate Romo!
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    What he said... seriously.

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