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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Oct 20, 2013.

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    We didn't keep Romo upright the last 2 weeks. That is why his stats havent been great. The Demeco Ryan pick was clearly not his fault.
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    hilarious about Romo. But then some people have trouble with reality. The OP is one.
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    I will add my comments onto this thread...Since I am often critical of the head coach, GM and QB, it is only right that I give credit too. No way did I think the team would go into Philly and win this game. Good job by all. As for Romo...I would so much rather have him do what he did yesterday (make a good throw for a TD to go up 2 scores in Q4) than do the opposite...which woulda been have a great game but have a costly turnover in Q4. We can pick apart some things that need to be improved like penalties, but this is one time where the team collectively surprised me. I was totally wrong about this game and I give credit to the head coach, def coord and everyone else. THIS was a great win.
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    Sure they can. Like Elway. Restructure for less 'now' and pay me later. Most outside of Denver were under the 'assumption', John did a fabulous thing in restructuring for less pay so the organization could afford to pay others. Nope. He just received all his money at a later date............after football.
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    Actually it was a spot on reaction to your personal reaction to my post,,, 2-3 years is 'nearing retirement' for a 33 yr old QB, something you consciously or sub-consciously chose to take issue with just to make a negative comment to my post. I don't mind the debates, but it would be nice if they were a little more substantive and not just a thinly veiled poking with a stick. :cool:
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    It was mentioned before the game and by Romo after the game that wind was a major factor in the QBs' abilities to throw downfield yesterday.

    He's only completing 68.3% of his passes this year. Inaccurate bum!
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    It isn't accurate to compare Romo to typical NFL QBs on age because he didn't see the field (and start taking a pounding) until he was 26. You aren't talking about a Troy Aikman or David Carr that started at age 22 and took a physical beating immediately. Also Romo probably takes less of a pounding than a classic pocket QB also because of his mobility.
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    Well, you only get to control one side of the debate, and an argument can only get so substantive when I'm addressing an imaginary figure you pulled out of nowhere.

    I guess it's worth noting that 100 starts = 6.25 seasons in the NFL and that three more years after this one would be another 57 games, not counting any potential playoff appearances. Roughly ~60% of what we've seen to-date.

    I do wonder, if I were to try to make the argument that 'the Jason Garrett era is just getting started' or is 'nearing getting underway, really' how much longer 3 years would suddenly get.
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    So with that line of reasoning we can extrapolate that a QB who doesn't start playing until he's 35 can play until he's 50! Awesome, who'da thunk all that stuff about aging and strength and recovery from injuries was just a bunch of whooey! lol
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    The refs would have called that if it was there was a Star on the offender's helmet.
    Place a bet and book it.

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