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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by blindzebra, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Had to work yesterday, so I missed out on everything live, but I had a life line over the phone.

    1st Carpenter was the right choice, at the right spot. Yes we could have traded down, but he wouldn't have been there and we added those extra picks without risking it.

    2nd Fasano at first was a head scratcher, but we have been phasing out FB for 3 years and having two guys of this kind of ability does make sense. Plus Witten's deal is coming up, so it is also insurance if he does infact hit free agency.

    3rd Hatcher again DE wasn't a major need, but Ellis isn't a 3-4 fit, Coleman is a JAG. I don't believe he's a NT, but he's got a motor and pass rushing ability. Need I remind everyone where Ware played college football?

    4th Green ST player of the year in a major conference says it all.

    5th we just traded up for Watkins a player most of us thought we'd get in the 3rd.

    Other than Carpenter it has not been exactly what I expected, but I'm not writing it off as a failure because of that. Carpenter alone would make me give this draft a solid B. Adding a major weapon on offense and a kid that averaged 13 yards with multiple TDs on punt returns, with a safety we all liked in the 5th pushes that to a B+/A-.

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