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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboysLaw87, May 9, 2014.

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    And what a gigantic night it is for the future of our beloved 'Boys. So we've been given the following names that we're targeting:


    I think it's clear that Lawrence is the preference, since he's the only guy we consider a RDE. Similar to the 3T position, this staff sets a high standard for guys to play Ware's departed spot. Lawrence seems to be the only starter-quality guy for that valuable spot, but keep this in mind... Ealy (in particular) and Crichton can play 2 positions: LDE and 3T in the nickel. It's possible that their position flex is enough to keep us from going all-in to deal up for Lawrence.

    If it's me, I think we need to come out of here with our RDE. He's the highest upside, highest value player, and worthy of using a pick to move up for. I would be OK with using our 4th rounder to get him.
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    They will probably stay at #47 if they think 1 player in that list will be available.
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    Agree. However, I'd like to think Attaochu is their real target (I prefer him over Lawrence).

    My top 5 before going into round 2:

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    Fair enough, but if we're really coveting that RDE, Lawrence requires a trade up to secure. That said, no way I want to give up #78, which is what it would take to get to Oakland (#36) to jump Atlanta.
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    Lawrence and his suspensions seems to not be a RKG.
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    Great job. Nailed the pick.

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