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    Defensive Front Seven: (A+)The Redskins offensive line is a good line. Our defensive front 7 as a team made it very difficult for the Redskins to double team anyone. Each player made an impact. Six sacks by six different players is huge. With all the credit that Ellis and Ware are getting I must point out that I believe Jason Ferguson is playing even better. His is playing a "No-Love" position. Ferguson is a beast at nose tackle. While he doesn't record sacks like our outside linebackers will, this man creates a wall on the inside and forces everything outside his zone. I truly beleive our defensive line wouldn't be half what it is without him. Give him some love. He deserves it!

    Linebackers: (A) Ware and Ellis provided constant pressure. Ellis was held several times without a call yet it didn't matter. The pressure was on. (Whats up with that holding call that was waved off because the hold didn't matter since the "Holding" didn't stop him from getting to the QB?) I thought holding was holding because you are still holding. Carpenter didn't look so hold the plays that I noticed him. (Including special teams) Bradie James played well and had a pass defense. Would have been an A+ if Carpenter had played better. I think he had first game jitters.

    Secondary: (A)
    What can you say. Newman dominated Moss. They let Williams roam free and he completely dominated both the line of scrimage and in coverage contributing six tackles (1 for no gain and 1 for a loss), a pass defense and an interception. Watkins held his own and had a important play on defense by deflecting a pass headed for the end zone. (at least I beleive thats were it was going as I don't have a recording to review)

    Offensive Line: (B) These guys didn't have a prefect game, but played very well against a very good defensive front seven. The Running game avg 4.5 yards per carry. Against Washington that speaks volumes about how well the run blocking actually was. The protection allowed only a single sack of an immobile Bledsoe. Again, against a very good Washington defense. That is very exciting. Penalties were a problem.

    Running Backs: (B) The running back provided a decent running game, but nothing dominate. The pass blocking pickups were good for the most part with only a few breakdowns. Jones had several large gains that were negated by penalties. (of course those may have been because of the penalties) Dropped passes were a problem.

    Tight Ends: (B+) Witten and Fasano combined for 7 catches for 84 yards and provided a few good run blocks and were able to manage their pass blocking schemes rather well. Drop passes were a problem.

    Wide Receivers: (B-) While there were several great plays by our wide outs, there were several bad plays. From penalties to drop passes to run blocking. I think Sean Taylor gets to much credit for his coverage skills. He had to lunch money taken several times including both TD passes and several first downs were in his zone. Redskins like to claim Williams can't cover. Well, Sean Taylor made a few plays, but got beat on more than he made. There were way to many drop passes in this game. (For some reason I keep repeating this...) TO broke his finger and that was probably part of the reason for his drops. I still beleive him keeping that quite and staying on the field did wonders for our offense. The Glenn TD happen because Taylor was cheating to TO's side trying to protect over the top. Glenn made a move to the end side and Taylor didn't react leaving Glenn in open space. The result, and easy TD.

    Quarterback: (A+)
    Drew Bledsoe dominated the Washington defense. He could have had huge numbers if it weren't for all the drop passes and several penalties. There is nothing left to be said. The offensive line did their job and left Bledsoe to do his and he performed beautifully.

    Special Teams: (B-) Matt McBriar has got to be one of if not the best punter in the league. He can really boom the ball. Vanderjagt was 2 for 2 with a 50 yarder. This is why we brought him in. Hopefully making that 50 yarder helped him get over whatever mental hump he was having trouble with. Suisham's kickoffs were good for the most part. Even the kickoff return for a TD was to the end zone. The return coverage left something to be desired. The return coverage played well against Jacksonville, but was questionable during the Redskin game. Give Washington credit, they blocked well.

    Defensive Players of the Game: (3) Williams, Newman, and Ferguson
    Offensive Players of the Game: Bledsoe
    Special Teams player of the Game: Matt McBriar

    Play of the Game: Roy Williams interception after a momentum turning fumble.

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