My Top 10 reasons the Cowboys can win the SB or suck

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by perrykemp, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Top 10 possible scenarios why the Cowboys can win the Superbowl
    1. Improved offensive line play allows Romo to play at near MVP level. He dramatically reduces his interceptions and modestly increases his TDs
    2. Dez Bryant becomes the top 2-3 WR in the NFL and goes for 100 - 1500 - 15
    3. Demarco Murray is healthy all season and goes over 1200 yards rushing
    4. The defensive front-seven with Ware, Spencer, Lee, and Carter dominate opponents
    5. JG finally starts helping his team more than hurting it from a coaching perspective
    6. Claiborne and Carr become the best CB tandem in the NFL
    7. Miles Austin stays health and focused and puts up 70 - 1200 - 10
    8. D. Harris maintains his special teams momentum from last season and becomes a top 5 returner
    9. Barry Church emerges as a legit starting safety
    10. Ratliff defies expectations and plays all season at a high level
    Top 10 possible scenarios why the Cowboys might not be better than a 8-8 team this season
    1. JG shows in his 3rd full season that he has no special qualities as a NFL coach
    2. The failure of the team to address their top 2 weaknesses from the 2012 season -- safety play and guard play haunt the Cowboys all season long
    3. (Variation of 1) Barry Church doesn't play any better than his career 0 interceptions and career 1 forced fumble indicate
    4. (Variation of 1) Will Allen continues his 7 year streak of 0 interceptions
    5. Last year's Interception count wasn't an aberration for Romo and he has begun his inevitable decline due to age
    6. The Cowboys are unable to field or obtain NFL starting quality guards
    7. Ron Leary experiences lingering issues with his knees. I know his most recent issue resulted in just a scope, however, for a very young player his continued issues with his knees is concerning
    8. Murray get's hurt early and often and nobody else on the roster is able to fill in and carry the ball 15+ times a game
    9. Sean Lee and/or Bruce Carter can't play 10+ games due injuries
    10. Miles Austin continues to have hamstring issues, and no suitable #3 WR takes his place
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    Great list!
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    It short...let's wait and see if the 10 reasons for SB to come true....let's wait and hope the top 10 reasons to suck don't come true....

    But good reasons both ways.
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    The shortest path to the SB is for Dallas to emulate the 2009 Saints. For that to happen, Romo has to play at an elite level all season, the line has to be passable, the skill position players need to execute, the team needs to score TDs in the red zone, and the defence has to generate some turnovers.

    Five things, all possible and none of them ridiculously far fetched. I'm not saying its probable, and there certainly are other ways to get it done, but I think that's the blueprint right there.
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    I like this approach -- I think all of it is possible although I have concerns that the Cowboys have the safeties required to generate the number of turnovers required to emulate the Saints 2009 approach. The Saints had Darren Sharper -- the quintessential l ball-hawking safety. The Cowboys have Will Allen who has 0 interceptions in the last 7 seasons.
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    Cowboys need to be a top 10 red zone team. Even with a sorry defense, this team has been in position to win so many games the last two seasons. Score more TDs than field goals when given the opportunity, we'll win more of those close games and possibly be a 11-5 team.
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    I totally understand what you're trying to say, but the 2009 Saints didn't have "passable" line play. Their offensive line was absolutely dominant.

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