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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by bewareofdware, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. bewareofdware

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    i was watchin the steelers game last night cuz some freinds went and i really like willie reid wr #15 he seems to have consistency catching the ball the reports are they have a lot of mediocre depth at wr so he may even be cut
    well im thinking we may be able to get him for shanle and if watkins proves he can play i think theat they would take marcus coleman since they arnt doing to well at fs well that just my thoughts
  2. JackMagist

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    So your saying that we need another mediocre WR?? I was looking for something a little more like solid or at least servicable. I think we have enough mediocre already.
  3. speedkilz88

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    Reid was their 3rd round pick, they will use him as their returner.
  4. SilverStarCowboy

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    My trade, Terrell Owens and Scott Shanle to New England for Deon Branch and Troy Brown.
  5. Hostile

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    Teams do not trade players they've just selcted in the draft and signed unless it is at draft time a la when we drafted Steve Wisniewski for the Raiders.


    Should have kept him.
  6. Clove

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    Yeah let's trade greatness for average or just above average.

    We're trying to win a super bowl around here, not win a good samaritan award. If you throw in Tom Brady, I'd be down for that one.
  7. bewareofdware

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    oh i didnt realize that he was a 3rd rounder i was thinkin a 7th or undrafted but that would explain why he was doin so well oh well i still like him alot
  8. big dog cowboy

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    If memory serves, a trade had been worked out before hand with the Raiders. Before that trade could be announced time would have ran out so we went ahead and drafted him basically for the Radiers and not us. I don't remember who we got in that trade to know if it was worthwhile for us or not.

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