My trip to the game (details)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by chip_gilkey, Dec 10, 2012.

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    I always love it when people post about their trips to the games because, until last night, I had never been to one. I'll keep it short and sweet

    -the biggest point I want to make is that Cowboys fans OWN Cincinnati. There was never a moment anywhere I went that it wasn't at LEAST 2:1 cowboys to bengals fans. The bar we went to before hand it had to be at least 3:1. The walk to the stadium it was at least 2:1. Walking through the stadium it was 3:1 and in the section I was sitting it was about 2:1.

    I heard at a minimum 10 (Stopped counting after that) bengals fans say "where in the heck did all these cowboys fans come from!". Then most of them would say, well they are americas team. :laugh2:

    -The one interesting thing during pregame warm-ups that I saw was Vickers went by himself into the end zone and was jumping around and going crazy. Thought that was weird

    -Not sure if anyone has addressed it already but at one point ware was on the sidelines for a while holding his arm. He later went back in so not sure if it is serious.

    -In the beginning there were a couple times that witten and dez were both wide open down field but tony checked it down or threw it to an underneath receiver even though there was not much pressure. I'm not sure if he was missing them on his reads or if that was the plan from the beginning because they were afraid of the potential pressure cinci could bring.

    -Now just some observations about going to your first game (for those who never have).

    -The game seems to move so fast. I felt like I couldn't look away without missing something. I think having commercials really makes it feel longer

    -You really miss the commentary and displays that the broadcasts put up. Also, if someone is injured they don't tell you who is on the ground (unless its a bengal then of course they show the player's profile on the screen.)

    -Lastly, 2 of the maybe 7 bengals fans in my section were talking smack the ENTIRE game. No threats or anything like that, just non-stop smack talk about the cowboys. I admittedly was getting very very angry so every time the cowboys got a first down I jumped up and screamed as loud as possible to rub it in their faces :laugh2:

    What really surprised me was after the game he said hey and shook my hand and said good game.
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    Nice write up. This was your first live game ever?
  3. chip_gilkey

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    Yeah this was my first ever live game.

    Another thing I thought about concerning crowd noise. Even though we clearly had the bengals fans outnumbered in their stadium it seemed awefully quiet when they were on offense, UNTIL the very end of the game when we were surging and making a comeback. After that dez td you could just hear how many cowboys fans were there as we were all doing a lets go cowboys chant that could be heard clear across the stadium.

    It was strange because I tried to make as much noise as possible when they were on offense but no help from anyone else until late in the game. The clutch sack that I think spencer made to get the ball back right before the final drive it was freaking loud. The fans really got into it at that point and after the sack the stadium erupted.
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    Man, that is exciting. I'm happy for you. I watch a lot of Cowboys games here in Dallas but the crowd rarely gets into the games like they do at other stadiums. I swear Cowboys fans outside of TX are louder and get into games more. When I was watching the game on TV I could hear all the Cowboys fans there.. it made me smile.
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    My dad and I were at the game as well. After Dez's TD, the crowd noise for the Cowboys was amazing. Couldn't help but have goosebumps. :starspin
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    Thanks for the recap. I wonder if there were more Cowboy fans there compared when the steelers play there. I know the steelers almost take over the stadium but I don't think it's more than 40%. It looked like more than 50% of Cowboy fans there yesterday.
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    What bar were you in? I stayed with a friend at the banks and we were in the Tin Roof. Bunch of boys fans there. I was in section 154, south endzone. From my view I.could see exactly what Romo was seeing and I was SHOCKED at how often the Bengals went 1-1 outside and the fact that we didn't attack them.
  8. Joe Realist

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    Sounds like a fun time. I was there once back in the day and hung out with Jeff Blake.
  9. DandyDon1722

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    That was awesome Chip. Maybe we should send you to all away games for reports...not a bad gig huh!

    I said in another post if we waved stupid little towels we would crush the perception of the Steelers crowds.

    We have led the league in attendance for years both home and away.
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    I have yet to attend an NFL game ... let alone a Cowboys game.

    Maybe before I die. :bang2:
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    I too was at the game and your assessment was right on. It was only my second ever NFL game and it was the perfect and so much fun. My boyfriend went with me and he's a Broncos fan and he was very impressed with just how many Dallas fans were there. We even ran into a couple that the wife is a bronco fan and the husband dallas.
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    I was in Cincy for the game also and there were not more Cowboy fans at the game than Bengal fans. We did have a great crowd there, but we didn't out number them. That's ridiculous. We probably had around 35% of the crowd. Maybe 40%, but I doubt it. We were loud though.
  13. Star4Ever

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    By the way, there were a LOT of Cowboys fans out on Saturday night in downtown Cincy. But, that's to be expected. The visiting fans for any NFL game are the ones that have to travel and they do out the night before the game. Cincy was pretty blue and white on Sat. night.

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