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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dallasfaniac, Jan 26, 2007.

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    I thought I would go ahead and post my value board for anyone that wants to look at it, modify it for their own etc. It's been a very long process. Some guys I had in the earlier rounds have not declared and others in the late rounds have moved up my boards rather quick. It is still a major work in progress, especially with the Senior Bowl practices going on etc.

    Keep in mind, that I could not watch all of these players so they may not be ranked according to how they should. If I hadn't personally watched the player, I would scour the web and try to get a consensus on the player. This may have pushed them higher/lower than many would grade them. A player's bio, measurables and injury report are just as much a factor as his stats.

    I think anyone that checks this section will know that BigWillie and I went round and round about Brian Smith. I have him ranked lower than he does because I felt his injuries were a cause for concern at this moment. He could rise up my boards again depending on his combine numbers. This is just one example of how two people can have varying points of view regarding a player.

    Another example is John Abbate whom I left off the board. I just haven't gotten a feel for him. Some say he plays like he is 6'4" but I just am not sure where I would project him. Once I have it worked out I will throw him on the board. I have a seperate list of players that should be on the board but aren't for various reasons and try to put them on before the draft if I think they would make it.

    Anyway, I thought some might find it interesting or useful for their own modifications.
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    Very nice job. Everyone should take a look at that but I fear that only a few diehards even visit the Draft Zone.

    I disagree with a few but that's natural.

    I didn't go through every name, but one note I noticed is that Brennan decided against coming out.
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    It looks very good so far. Although many things will change from now and draft day. Especially after the Senior Bowl and the combine....Dwayne Bowe WR LSU and Ryan Kalil C USC have moved into the first round due to their senior bowl practice performances.
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    excellent work man....cant wait to see the post senior bowl and combine editions....

    just 2 things.....

    1. DE Brian Robison not Robinson......
    2. K Mason Crosby....what round do u think his value lies? I personally think 3

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