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    I know this most likely wont happen and players fall and rise. I based it off draftsite.

    Trade back and get extra 2nd and 3rd

    1. Vic Beasley OLB Clemson
    With Lee not staying healthy and Carter having some struggles I looked to bring talent and depth to LB corps and improve front 7. Beasley is fast with a knack for pass rushing, undersized for DE so playing at OLB would really help.

    2. Kony Ealy DE Missouri
    Ware was injuried the past couple years and career is coming to a end, Ealy is quick and brings another pass rusher to our front 7, while also adding depth.

    2. Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh
    DT has to be upgraded, getting Bass back helps but hasnt really played much because of injuries. Donald could be day 1 starter and help solidify DT for years to come.

    3. Dominique Easley DT Florida
    Again back to the trenches, Easley falls some but I feel is a great steal here in the 3rd and can help on DL that had 20 different player in 2013. Need to be able to push the pocket to keep QBs from stepping up and Easley and Donald could both be that.

    3. Kareem Martin DE UNC
    Martin has the talent to be a first round pick and could be the steal of the draft. Has very good pass rushing moves with a non stop motor.

    4. James Hurst OT UNC
    Another UNC product but Hurst can start day 1 and Free could slide to OG if needed. Hurst shut down Clowney in the first game this year and paired with Tyron would help fixed this OL for years.

    5. Ty Zimmerman S Kansas State
    Safety play has been terrible since Woodson retired. Ty is a great form and open field tackler, nice speed and reacts to plays quickly.

    COMP Pick
    5. Tre Boston FS UNC
    Another UNC product and another safety but I feel Boston could start day 1. Has the speed and playmaking ability to attack the ball in the air, tired of watching Heath not be able to even smack the ball down much less INT it. Boston has great ball skills and good tackler, gives up a play or two both run and pass but better technique and pro coaching can fix that.

    7. Ryan Hewitt FB Standford
    Murray proved later in the season that having a FB really helps him. Mclutts was decent blocking but fumbled the ball on his first catch this year. Hewitt would help make this offense tick, being 2 dimensional running and passing would allow us to not go 3 and out all game and give the defense a rest.

    7. Brandon Thomas OG Clemson
    Leary has a knee problem and we have no depth at OG. While the OL played better this year bringing in more competition and depth is only a good thing. Thomas needs work but can be a good backup with some good pass and rub blocking skills, possible a starter in a few years if developed right.

    7. Keon Lyn CB Syracuse
    Webb and Moore arent starters but need to have competition and also add depth. Lyn has good size and ball skills. This is more to help make a weakness a strength.


    7. Alex Neutz WR Buffalo
    Miles is gone and the top 4 is set, bring in a big WR 6'3 and runs a 4.5 can only bring a strength to more of a strength. Neutz was very productive and can be brought alone at a slow pace being number 5 WR on team.

    7. Damien Williams HB Oklahoma
    Williams was highly productive, can run inside or outside, catch out of the backfield, has good power and speed. Runs upright sometimes but being behind Murray wouldnt need to start rigyt away. Competition is great but also need depth, Randle and Dunbar are ok but not sure will ever push Murray for starting job. Williams could possible number 2 by end of camp.


    Was thinking a few different ways but for now going with these two. Not much money anyways plus want to build through draft.

    OG Jon Asamoah
    Bring a guy that can be a starter and rather cheap. Berny and Leary could lose out in camp to Asamoah. Is available because KC has a whole team of FAs.

    DT Linval Joseph
    Need DL help and could go different way here but Joseph is a big man that can stop the run very well. Can get to the QB but is more of run stopper and can push the pocket.
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    Your 2nd round pick will likely get drafted before your 1st round pick. Your 3rd round pick might be a 1st rounder.

    The Cowboys are unlikely to get comp picks. Comp picks are based on the contracts signed by departing Free Agents and is offset by incoming Free Agents. None of the departing Free Agents sign big contracts.

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