My Wishes For 2013

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Romo's best seasons where he played a full sixteen games he had 9 and 10 INTs respectively. And even in those years, they came in situations that hurt (see the Jets/Detroit games in 2011). He is going to turn the ball over, it is just his nature. It is okay to wish for, just not that likely.

    We need one of the four incumbents to play better than 2012. I bet on Smith and just hope the other three stay even. If we get that and a good rookie year from Frederick, this should happen.

    If he keeps playing like he closed last season, this will happen.

    I am really not that concerned about Austin. If he is there, great. If not, we still have improved significantly if Williams pans out. Kevin Ogletree was a real liability in 15/16 games last season.

    If that happens, I expect Williams to have the lion's share of that. I am not convinced Escobar will be the red zone threat he has been touted as since he really never was in college. If reports from OTAs/Mini Camp are true, he's going to be fighting Hanna for playing time as it is.

    His running style is going to make this next to impossible. Just hope that between him and Randle, we get that kind of production.

    Ware will be fine.
    Slightly high from a left end who is very good but not special.
    Lee can make it if he stays healthy, a real big if. Carter would have to be Lance Briggs reincarnated to make it. If both stay healthy, I don't care if they make the Pro Bowl. Just being on the field is good enough for me.
    Will not happen.
    I doubt this too.
    Best thing to hope for and if it happens, give Monte Kiffin an award.
    New England is not going to make it. You cannot lose 90% of the players responsible for your passing output and not feel it. Losing both Hernandez and Welker will be devastating.
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    I would be surprised to see dez with those kind of numbers. teams will be rolling the safety over the top on him more to limit his big plays. I want the running game to be much better this year. I also want see some turnovers by the defense this year it would really help this team out.
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    Yes, I agree with you. The turnover problem is going back nearly a decade is seems like, on the other hand, we were one of the healthiest teams in the league under Wade.

    That being said we've drafted several injury prone players since then...I just want to see these guys play a whole season for once.

    But overall if I had to choose one, it would be the turnovers. Seeing this defense constantly give up back breaking TD drives after Romo has put us in the position for the win is really starting to get disturbing. With the investments in the secondary and hopefully a rejuvenated DLINE with Marinelli, hopefully we can double our turnover numbers.
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    Last wish- Jerry and his entourage get stuck in the elevator on the way down to the field and misses the trophy ceremony where Romo and Garrret (in classic fashion) accept the trophy from the Commissioner on his behalf of the Cowboy team in general. Later JJ is seen being treated for bruises on his fists for beating the elevator doors.
    Ok that's' just plain mean. : )
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    I'd like to see a 60/40 run/pass ratio in the play calling dept. Along with that, I'd like to Murray get 20+ carries a game until he breaks down.
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    I expect a lot more than 450 yards and 5 TD's from Williams/Escobar. Kevin Ogletree produced 32 catches for 436 yards and 4 TD's last season and he was a disappointment. The Cowboys invested a 2nd and 3rd round pick on Escobar and Williams and are expecting production from both players. Williams will be the Cowboys 3rd receiver so he has to produce regardless that he's a rookie and the same for Escobar who's going to be heavily scrutinized after Marty B failed to live up to his #2 draft status.
  7. KJJ

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    The OL has been an issue no question but the Cowboys are still one of the most potent offensive teams every year. Last season the Cowboys ranked 6th in offense. The running game has been crap but the passing game ranked 3rd. You can win without a running game the Packers have been doing it. What concerns me most about the Cowboys has been the defense that consistently fades every season down the stretch. In the final 2 games last season the Cowboys D gave up 446 yards through the air and 4 TD's to Drew Brees and 263 yards on the ground and 3 TD's to the Morris/RG3 combo.

    We saw games like that throughout the season where the Cowboys would get dissected through the air one week and eaten up on the ground the next week. The Cowboys can win with the OL but they can't win with a defense that gets pummeled in critical games and can't get takeaways. The defense didn't force a single turnover the final 2 games of the season. The key to beating Pittsburgh in week 15 was forcing a big turnover in OT.
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    If the following 2 happen, then everything else will take care of itself, IMO.

    1. The offensive line at least is better than the average team this year.

    2. The team stays relatively healthy.
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    Round: 2, Pick: 15
    (Overall: 47):
    Gavin Escobar,
    TE, San Diego St.

    Todd Archer's take

    If the Cowboys are really altering their offensive philosophy with two-tight end sets, then this pick makes more sense. If not, then they missed a chance to get better on the defensive line or safety. Escobar has terrific hands and could become a good red zone target as well but he needs work as a blocker. He will also be chasing ghosts of Anthony Fasano and Martellus Bennett.

    MacMahon [​IMG]
    Watkins [​IMG]

    Round: 3, Pick: 12
    (Overall: 74):
    Terrance Williams,
    WR, Baylor

    Tim MacMahon's take

    The Cowboys got a receiver they gladly would have selected in the second round with the 74th overall pick. The 6-foot-2, 208-pound Williams, who led the nation with 1,832 yards on 97 catches as a Baylor senior, gives Tony Romo another big target with playmaking ability. He'll step in as the No. 3 receiver and could push pricey Miles Austin off the roster in the not-too-distant future.

    MacMahon [​IMG]
    Watkins [​IMG]
  10. KJJ

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    He's either being sarcastic or was confused with the way you wrote it "Williams Escobar." No confusion with Williams/Escobar.
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    Well, maybe it is a little ornery but it's still funny.
  12. TwoDeep3

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    Yes, after three years of watching and learning and completely not understanding the NFL. I just believe, especially with Hannah as the back up, that these two will take a while to blossom.
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    I had forgotten about Esco
  14. KJJ

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    The way the NFL is now it doesn't take long for players to blossom if they have what it takes at the NFL level. Back in the day coaches felt it took 5 years to develop a QB that's how long Landry felt it took. Now rookie QB's are hitting the ground running we've had a couple of rookie QB's the past 2 years pass for over 4000 yards. With all the OTA's and mini camps young players are more ready than ever to contribute big as rookies. Williams will be the Cowboys 3rd receiver and will get plenty of opportunities to produce in 2013. The Cowboys are an 8-8 team and they're expecting these young players to produce immediately.

    Williams will likely get some starting reps because it's unlikely Dez and Austin will stay healthy all season. I could see Williams putting up 600 yards as a rookie. Although the Cowboys have Hanna if they thought he was going to be real productive they wouldn't have invested a #2 pick on Escobar. Hanna only caught 8 passes last season so he's not what the Cowboys are looking for. I expect barring injury that Escobar and Williams will combine for much bigger numbers in 2013 than you have on your wish list if they're the players the Cowboys think they are.
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    My wish list is one thing just win.
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    funniest part of this thread is New England in the Super Bowl. lol that vicious Amendola-led passing attack should be awesome.
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    It's a one-headed monster.
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    If our Defense stays healthy, this will be a good team PERIOD!!! Cracks me up that guys criticize other folks lists, wishes, ideas, but never have their own....Their isn't a true Cowboy fan alive who wouldn't want all these to come true...Who cares if you or disagree, you don't have to be a jackass about it..., They are all possible, realistic, and good news for the BOYZ if they happen...
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    Al, is that you? I thought you were dead...
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    HEALTHY TEAM. All other "wishes" start with this!
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