News: MySA: A whole lot of talk about practice from Cowboys

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    Posted on 07/31/2011 by torsborn

    The Cowboys didn’t practice well under Wade Phillips. When they were in pads, they didn’t go hard enough. When they were in shorts going through walkthroughs, they dialed it down even more.

    That’s why Jason Garrett talks so much about the need to practice the right way.

    “One of the things we emphasized to our team a lot is knowing how to practice and what kind of gear you have on,” Garrett said. “You put your full pads on and it becomes a more physical practice and becomes more like playing actual football. But we have to understand how to practice when we’re not in full pads, and I think we’ve done a real good job of that the past couple of days. We still practice with great tempo, great energy, great enthusiasm. You just have to understand how to compete without getting in trouble physically and getting anybody hurt. You still have some of those same conversations when you’re in full pads because it’s not tackling the backs to the ground and competing where guys can be in jepardy of getting injured. You have to be physical, you have to get after each other a littl bit and start laying the down the foundation of the physical part of your football team.”

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