News: MySA: Alamodome continues plans to host Cowboys camp

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    By Tom Orsborn

    Published 10:35 p.m., Friday, June 3, 2011

    Although there are no signs that the NFL and its players will achieve labor peace anytime soon, the Alamodome is holding open 20 dates for the Dallas Cowboys' training camp this summer.

    A city official said the Cowboys have informed him that, should the lockout end in time for teams to train in normal fashion, camp tentatively would run from July 25 through Aug. 13.

    But with the preseason opener set for Aug. 11 in Arlington, the last day of camp would likely be a couple of days before that game.

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    Hang in there, Alamodome people -- NFL negotiations are taking a turn for the better. You may be taking in some much-needed revenue before too long after all if negotiations keep progressing as recent anticipation seems to suggest. It's folks with interests like this that can get burned just as easily and as much as the NFL owners and players. It ain't funny how they're dismissed so easily but quite obviously, so are the fans.

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