News: MySA: Cowboys' Phillips confident running backs will shine

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    The Cowboys' struggling running game apparently isn't causing the coaching staff any sleepless nights.
    At a recent news conference, coach Wade Phillips offered his support for Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice without any prompting.

    “Preseason isn't a direct indicator of how you're going to do in the season,” Phillips said. “So the things I look at are different than what others look at. I see the backs running well, and we're going to block for them well.

    “Would we like to do in a preseason game like the Saints last week and make 198 yards? That'd be nice, but we haven't done that. The running game is going to be good, and those guys are going to be good.”

    Barber, Jones and Choice are all averaging 3.8 yards per carry or less. In last week's 16-14 win over San Diego, Barber and Jones combined for 17 yards on six carries.

    Still, Phillips isn't worried.

    “The way they run the ball, the moves they make, the power they're running with, the decisions they're making, those are all good things,” he said.

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