News: MySA:Cowboys' Romo better on his terms as a pitcher

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    Buck Harvey

    HOUSTON — “I was being CC Sabathia,” Roy Williams began, “and he was being Posada.”
    This is how Williams tells stories. There is some color, as well as pinstripes.

    In this one, he reversed the throwing-receiving roles. He chose to be the stout Yankees pitcher, while Tony Romo was Jorge Posada, the catcher.

    “I told him to give me the fade,” Williams continued. “He said no. I asked for the fade again, he said no, run the flash. I ran the flash, and the rest is history.”

    LINK to article
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    Great article.
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    Good article, and it is amazing how much Romo has progressed in the passed couple of years.
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    Our boy is growing up & looking pretty darn good. Not bad for an undrafted kid.

    Now all the coaching staff must do is make sure the entire team, including every single player/team, is ready to play each team they met. Hopefully the team is also healthy. Properly prepared, healthy & with Romo on target, this team can go as far as we all hope/believe it will. But all that must start/continue against each upcoming opponent so we string together a whole bunch of wins. A nice straight 10-12 wins in a row would sure make all of us feel a whole lot better.
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    One of these days he's going to develop right into a pro-bowl caliber QB.
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    If Romo is truly calling his own plays, that is a terrific thing. He will know the flow and what seems to be working better than the O Coordinator. Romo knows what he's seeing on the field and will be able to better attack the weaknesses.

    If this is accurate, I look for a huge jump in what the offense will be producing.

    The is the best news I've heard in a long, long time.

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