News: MySA: Don’t look for Cowboys to return to S.A. while Garrett is coach

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Posted on 06/13/2013 by Tom Orsborn

    IRVING – Don’t look for the Cowboys to return to training camp at the Alamodome as long as Jason Garrett is their coach.

    That’s been my belief for a long time, and comments Garrett made Wednesday bolstered it.

    Like Bill Parcells, Garrett would much rather hold camp in Oxnard, Calif., rather than San Antonio. Garrett likes the grass fields in Oxnard, the proximity of the team hotel to the fields and the great weather in Southern California.

    The Alamodome has synthetic turf, the distance between the hotel and the dome requires a bus ride and the heat in South Texas hampers the players’ recovery time after practice.

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  2. marchetta

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    I guess this means the Cowboys will be returning to SA next year. ;)
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    Alamodome was all Jerruh and $$$$$

    did not care that it was not great for the team
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    I don't care for S.A. either...
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    San Antonio is hot and miserable in July/August. Some of the fans in Texas are mad that they travel to California because they can't go to camp. But, I've heard that practicing on artificial turf day after day is hard on the athlete's legs, knees and ankles. I love how so many fans in California show up to see the 'Boys in training camp!

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