News: MYSA: Garrett thinks Robinson will be good for Bryant

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 25, 2011.

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    “He’s a very experienced football coach, and he’s coached a lot of different kinds of guys,” Garrett said of Robinson, who spent the past five seasons with the Green Bay Packers working with the likes of Greg Jennings and Donald Driver. “He’s coached star players, he’s coached role players. He’s coached young guys, he’s coached old guys. And they seem to respond to him. He’s demanding. He’s a very good technician.

    ”Dez loves to play football. He’s got great passion for the game and great enthusiasm for the game. That’s really one of the things we love about him. We’re going to continue to try and give him direction as a coaching staff, and Jimmy will be a big part of that.”
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    I've always liked previous WR coach Sherman cause he did such a great job coaching Miles up, helped Dez, etc. So was surprised by Cowboys not bringing him back. OTOH, didn't know the goings on between Garrett & Sherman during the Wade era. Whether there some problems betweem the two for any variety of reasons would only be speculation. But I really like the hiring of the Packer WR coach given his success with so many different kind of WRs. Can't argue with it at all. Garrett sure seems to me to be building a coaching staff with some good potential & all sound like young aggressive people--much like Garrett himself.

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