MYSA:Jordan's Versality Makes Him a Good Fit for the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 10, 2011.

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    What has NFL scouts smiling are Jordan's impressive performances at the Senior Bowl and the combine. The 6-foot-4, 287-pound defensive end is climbing draft boards after recording standout practices in Mobile, Ala., and clocking an unofficial 4.71-second 40 in Indianapolis.

    “His stock was rising before the combine,”'s Chad Reuter said. “He's been a top-20 pick for sometime. He made plays for Cal all year. But the combine validated his athleticism.”

    One of the teams eyeing Jordan is the Dallas Cowboys, who own the No. 9 pick. With three of their top four ends free agents, the Cowboys are studying Jordan and the other members of this deep defensive end class closely.

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    I was just about to post this link, as well...Apparently he was doing LB drills at his pro day...I still like the guy for our first round pick, would be really nice to trade down a bit and still get him. This kind of athlete seems to fit in nice with what Rob Ryan does. Confusion, people playing everywhere. Everyone's all hell bent on the top prospects--but guys like Jordan, Watt, Castonzo, Carimi are who we should be focusing on. At #9, the board will likely be clear of all top guys and we're most likely going to trade down, or be forced to take one of these players at 9
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    I agree that Jordon or Watt could very possibly end up being one of the better pros taken in round one this year. We could very readily trade down 4-5 spots and still get one of them if we choose to. But there will be an elite prospect available for us at 9, I have no doubt. At least one of the QBs will go, and we'll have a shot at a top DL or the second best CB prospect. I think I'd prefer the trade down, though, depending on which DL drops.
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    The main question I have about Jordan is how come his rave reviews in practice didn't translate to the game. I watched the entire senior bowl, and don't remember him getting mentioned at all, although it's possible I missed something.

    He looked like a juggernaut in one on one drills, but as soon as the game started, he came back down to earth.
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    I wish I had more tape of Cameron Jordan, because the tape I see on youtube is versus Colorado and USC, and I see nothing special about him, is he a good player, yeah. I just don't think he is worthy of a top 10 pick, but than again I am no scout, so I could be wrong.
  6. Chocolate Lab

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    FWIW, Mosley, who has been pretty good on calling who we'll take the last few years, said yesterday his top 3 were Watt, Jordan, and... I missed the third. I know, fire me. :( I would bet it was Peterson, but I don't know that.

    But I know Watt and Jordan were two of the three.
  7. Woods

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    Maybe T Smith?

    Hos mentioned the Cowboys have scouted him very heavily and are interested in him.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    You may well be right. I missed it and they never did repeat it. And Mosley doesn't have a blog anymore to read it there.
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    I have this crazy idea that when #9 rolls around on draft day, the following names will NOT be off the board:

    T. Smith

    I have this sneaking suspicion that, if this holds true, Jason & Jerry trade down 2-4 spots. They STILL get one of the highest ranked members on their draft board (my guess is Watt or Jordan) & get another Top 75 Pick. I see that as a win/win situation.
  10. Phrozen Phil

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    It would be great if you're right, but the Cowboys need someone who wants to trade up. It will be interesting to see if that scenario plays out.
  11. Gaede

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    In that scenario--and I would also add AJ Green or Julio Jones to the list--I can see a team interested in trading up for Quinn or one of the WRs.
  12. Woods

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    I've been thinking of who would trade up with us IF both top QBs are gone.

    The problem is that there are about 4-5 potential pass rushers available in Round 1. Unless someone is in love with Quinn, not sure they would give away picks to move up - esp if we're still in limbo with the new season.

    As for WR, maybe. But would someone pay up huge to draft a wideout in the top 10? For the QB, OT, DE positions the probability is high. Not so sure about WR.

    But I guess you never know . . . . we may get just the right deal.
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    Mark Colombo is in Hostile's thread getting his F- right now.

    Tyron Smith's pro day will have a say about this.

    Wes Bunting tweeted today that teams are saying that they would be shocked if Tyron Smith didn't go in the top 10 after his pro day work out.

    Charlie Casserly (on NFL Network) gave Smith to Dallas in his latest mock. Casserly stated that Dallas needed an OT "desperately" and talked about Tony Romo having to "run for his life".

    I think Jordan is a better athlete and football player than Watt.

    However, Smith straight up blocked Jordan, especially in the run game. Plus, he did it at 20 years old and as a junior.

    Who has more upside?

  14. SilverStarCowboy

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    Smith is a road grater and a legit LT. Jus' call Tyron... cuz he helps Dallas more than any other player in the 2011 Draft, especially long term.
  15. Wood

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    be careful of Jordan. If your looking for a guy who has high bust potential...he is your guy.
  16. Wood

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    If that happens and dallas doesnt take Quinn...then they deserve to watch him dominate the game for the next 10 years.
  17. realtick

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    You do understand that in the Senior Bowl the defense is not allowed to blitz nor stunt, right? Jordan's game footage is impressive if you watch it in it's entirety. Jordan didn't receive alot of pub being that he was on a subpar Cal team and playing on the West Coast, as opposed to Dareus and Fairley in the SEC on national television with regularity. Or even a guy Cameron Heyward at Ohio State.

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