News: MySa: Newman asserting himself as leader of Cowboys secondary

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Aug 24, 2010.

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    OXNARD, Calif. — Teddy Williams was a football nobody when the Dallas Cowboys took a flyer on him three weeks ago. But that didn’t stop Pro Bowl cornerback Terence Newman from embracing the former UTSA sprinter.

    “He calls me his adopted son,” said Williams, a cornerback. “He’s taken me in and is helping me on and off the field. When I do something wrong at practice, he says, ‘Teddy, come here. Get back out there and work on it again.’ He’s a great role model. As great a player as he is, he’s even a better person.”

    When the Cowboys cut safety Ken Hamlin in the spring, it created a leadership void in the secondary.

    But thanks to Newman, it didn’t last long. His interest in Williams underscores his strong commitment to helping his teammates, even the lowliest ones, improve.

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    im just happy newman has been healthy all of training camp (knocks on wood) hopefully it continues through the regular season and he has a great season.
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    Sounds like New is taking the reins of the secondary (as he should being the elder statesman) and running with it!
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    You do know that out of 7 season he has played 5 full season without injury including last year.
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    yea i know, but i think he was nicked up during training camp last year since he was still recovering from off season surgery.

    I'm not saying hes injury prone or anything, i'm just glad hes completely healthy jeez.
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    "This is the best Terence Newman has played since he's been with the Cowboys".

    Jerry Jones

    Bring on that little, red troll....
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    Hopefully filling Hamlin's "leadership role" will give this secondary a whole different feel. I didn't notice much finger pointing last year...hopefully it's gone for good and they play for each other.
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    Everybody dogs Camps, but he finds ways to motivate people.

    I remember he and Newman butted heads big time in the beginning, now Newman is much more of a complete player. Nice work Dave.
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    Newman is showing great leadership skills, nice to see...

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