News: MySA: Ratliff: 'We fought like hell for Wade'

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    Tom Orsborn

    RVING - Players reacted with a mixture of sadness and optimism to media reports of the firing of Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips.

    Several players said they learned of the news via ESPN and other media outlets. There is still no confirmation from the club regarding reports that owner Jerry Jones has replaced Phillips with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, but the Associated Press has moved a story to that effect.

    Dallas CBS affiliate KTVT, without citing sources, was the first to report of the coaching change.

    Pro Bowl nose tackle Jay Ratliff said the news "was ripping him up inside."

    "We fought like hell for him," Ratliff said of Phillips. "Things just didn't go our way."

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    Brainpaint, there's a typo in your title. 'fought' should read 'played.'
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    Somehow the phrase "with friends like those who needs enemies" comes to mind.

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