N.F.L. scouts are also taking notice of Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas.

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    RB Thomas finally on track and K-State undefeated
    By DOUG TUCKER (AP) – 1 day ago

    MANHATTAN, Kan. — Out of the corner of his eye, Kansas State quarterback Carson Coffman saw something that made him gulp. An unblocked Iowa State safety was flashing into the backfield, taking dead aim at Daniel Thomas just as he was getting the ball. But suddenly Thomas dipped a shoulder, swiveled a hip and shifted his weight. The safety grabbed mostly air and Thomas spun away for a 20-yard gain in a 27-20 victory in the Wildcats' Big 12 opener.
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    Now he's averaging 157 yards per game for the unbeaten Wildcats (4-0), excelling at a position he never played until last year. NFL scouts are also taking notice of a remarkably fast, fluid and elusive 238-pounder.

    "He is a great running back," said Central Florida coach George O'Leary. "He will be playing on Sunday."

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