Name 5 truly great songs: any genre.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by jterrell, Jun 22, 2005.

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    Can steal some good suggestions for the ipod: hehe, always a sneaky motive.

    Here's a quick 5 without much thought.

    1. Let's Stay Together. Al Green
    2. Juicy. B.I.G.
    3. Satisfaction. Rolling Stones
    4. Smells Like Teen Spirit. Nirvana
    5. Me and Bobby McGee. Janis Joplin
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    I will give some from some different songs just for variety, all of these may not be considered the greatest songs but each are great...

    1. Voodoo Chile - Jimmi

    2. Yesterday - The Beatles (I know many consider hey jude or Let it be the best but I just like yesterday better)

    3. Back in the Saddle again - Aerosmith (I love dream on, sweet emotions and Walk this way...just like Back in the saddle again as something different)

    4. Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters

    5. Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer
  3. jterrell

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    Good stuff. I'll DL that slayer song for the workout grind. I have the other two Aerosmith songs you mention but prolly should add that one. The Muddy Waters is worth 99 cents if I can find it on Itunes.

    Good stuff.
    Yesterday is a truly great song, but has been redone to death. Give me little yellow submarine. lol.
  4. Hoov

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    How are we judging "great" songs, too hard for me to find 5 favorite songs but I'll list 5 from Grateful Dead that i really like

    Stella Blue, New Minglewood Blues, Morning Dew, Loose Lucy, China Doll
  5. Qwickdraw

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    I'll do you one better. I'll name 5 artists/bands for 5 different genres that are "can't miss".

    Hip Hop:


    Al Green

    James Brown

    LTJ Bukem
  6. LaTunaNostra

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    It's All Right, Ma - Bob Dylan

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott Heron

    Baba O'Reilly - The Who

    Sunday, Bloody Sunday - U2

    Verbs of Power - X-Clan
  7. WoodysGirl

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    I like so many songs, it's ridiculous. So I'm just gonna pull some songs from what I have on my computer here at work.

    Chicago - (You're the Inspiration, Will You Still Love Me, Hard Habit to Break, Hard to Say I'm Sorry)

    Brian McKnight - Never Felt This Way

    Calvin Richardson - Not Like This

    Troop - All I Do

    Lakeside - I Wanna Hold Your Hand

    Carl Thomas - Emotional

    Erykah Badu - Bump It (Worldwide Underground)

    Evanescence - My Last Breath

    John Legend - So High

    Boys II Men - Dreams

    Prince - The Beautiful Ones

    Mint Condition - Pretty Brown Eyes (which I have :) )

    Musiq - Babymother(whateveryoudecide) and Thereason

    Shania Twain - From this Moment and You're the Only One

    Pink - Dear Diary

    The Roots - Break You Off

    Ruff Endz - Love Crimes

    Rose Royce - I Wanna Get Next to You

    Teena Marie - Out on a Limb

    Ok I'm gonna stop, cuz I know I'm way over the 5 requested, but I just like music and my computer is loaded with all kinds. I didn't even get to my reggae selections...
  8. Qwickdraw

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    You forgot about...

    "Just Me and You"- Tony Toni Tone
    "You're My Lady"- D'Angelo
    (just guessing... :D )
  9. jterrell

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    I love you like a play sister but man there sosme serious chick music on that list, hehe.

    Beautiful Ones by Prince is an all-time fave for me too and lots of others I wont admit too. :lmao2:
  10. WoodysGirl

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    I will not apologize for being a chick and loving chick music. :tongue:

    I left off my Lil Jon, Ludacris, and Game, because that was on a whole different playlist. I break that out when I'm trying to release some stress from the gig. ;)

    Seriously, back in the day, I was in LOVE with Bone Thugz in Harmony. I actually knew the words to their songs and could flow with them. I tried to get an interview when I was doing the journalism thing, but I could never pin them down...

    I've also got an 80s Best of triple disc set loaded on my computer. I could've added some of those on here,
  11. WoodysGirl

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    That's at home.. :cool:

    Besides my fav D'Angelo is Untitled.
  12. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    I love these songs.

    Fade to Black - Metallica - Probably my all time favorite song.
    Peace Sells - Megadeth
    Steven - Alice Cooper
    Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
    Mouth for War - Pantera
    Holiday in the Sun - Sex Pistols
  13. BrAinPaiNt

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    Actually I like the beatles Strawberry Fields better then the others but thought I would put down Yesterday. I also like when I'm 64 a great deal by the beatles.

    Other songs to consider,

    Born on the bayou - ccr or old man down the road by J.Fogerty

    Becoming - Pantera (would make a great workout song IMO)

    Voting with a Bullet - Corrosion of Conformity

    Hoochie Coochie Man and I'm Ready- Muddy Waters

    Little Wheel, Dimples or Boom Boom - John Lee Hooker

    Hero and NWO - Ministry (would make great workout songs...actually anything from ministry cds The mind is a terrible thing to taste or palsm 69 would be good for workouts imo)

    We Die Young, Them Bones or Rooster - Alice in Chains

    Wake up Dead, Peace Sells - Megadeth

    Mother - Danzig

    Surfing with the Alien and Summer Song- Joe Satriana

    Thunderkiss 1965 (remix) White Zombie

    I'm the one, Ice Cream Man, On Fire - Van Halen

    Voodoo People and Fire Starter- The Prodigy

    Everybody wants you, the stroke, lonely is the night - Billy Squire

    Cat Scratch fever and strangle hold - Ted Nugent

    Chemical Smile , Heroine Girl and Her Brand new skin- Everclear (good for workouts)

    Nice Shot Man - Filter

    Hello from the Gutter, Dreaming Columbian and Feed my Head - Overkill

    Burden in my Hand Jesus Christ Pose and Rusty Cage - Soundgarden

    It's a Madhouse, Among the Living, Caught in the mosh and Indians - Anthrax

    Generic Blue Print (remix ) Fear factory

    Glory, Song of a Gun, A Fate worse then death - KMFDM also later known as MDFMK

    Hair of the Dog - Nazareth

    Low Rider - War

    Slow Ride - FogHat

    Breaking the law, living after midnight and Got another thing coming - Judas Priest

    Desperate Cry, Chaos AD, Biotech is Godzilla - Sepultura

    Trooper, Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills, Die with your Boots on, Two Minutes to Midnight and Wasted Years - Iron Maiden

    Stink Fist and Hooker with a ***** - Tool

    Reign in Blood, angel of death - slayer

    No More Mr Nice guy, Generation Landslide, seventeen and Billion Dollar babies - Alice Cooper

    Ok...those should give you a list to keep you busy lol.
  14. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    Great list! I especially like the COC, Cooper, and Ministry.


    South of Heaven - Slayer
    Holy Wars - Megadeth
  15. WV Cowboy

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    Couldn't narrow it down to 5, ... sorry.

    George Thorogood - Move It On Over
    Joe Cocker - The Letter
    Kingsmen - Louie Louie
    Bob Seger - Old Time Rock And Roll
    Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love
    Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City
    David Bowie - Rebel Rebel
    Amboy Dukes - Journey To The Center Of The Mind
    Sly/Family Stone - Dance To The Music
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Suzie Q
    Eric Clapton - Forever Man
    Hollies - Bus Stop
    Sugarloaf - Green-Eyed Lady
    Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today
    Santana - Black Magic Woman
    Eagles - One Of These Nights
    Canned Heat - On The Road Again
    Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time
    Rolling Stones - Waiting On A Friend
    Jethro Tull - Bungle In The Jungle
    John Fogerty - Old Man Down The Road
    Moody Blues - The Voice
    Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger
    Bob Seger - Turn The Page
    ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin'
    Eric Clapton - Layla ( Unplugged)
    Cheap Trick - Dream Police
    Foghat - Slow Ride
    Eagles - Lyin' Eyes
    Bob Dylan - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    Pete Townshend - Rough Boys
    Foreigner - Cold As Ice
    Deep Purple - Woman From Toyko
    Jethro Tull - Living In The Past
    Beatles - Lucy In The Sky w/ Diamonds
    Led Zeppelin - All Of My Love
    Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky
    CCR - Up Around The Bend
    Allman Brothers - Melissa
    Outlaws - Green Grass & High Tides
    Peter Frampton - Baby I Love Your Way
    Beatles - Please Please Me
    Steve Miller - The Joker
    Queen - Tie Your Mother Down
    Rolling Stones - Beast Of Burden
    Led Zeppelin - Dy'er Ma'ker
    U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
    Van Halen - Dance The Night Away
    Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper
    Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town
    Rick Derringer - Rock 'N Roll Hootchie Koo
    Boston - Peace Of Mind
    Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin' For You
    Jethro Tull - Cross-Eyed Mary
    Cars - My Best Friend's Girl
    Bad Company - Bad Company
    Deep Purple - Highway Star
    Neil Young - Rockin In The Free World
    Elton John - Madman Across The Water
    Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do?
    Bruce Springsteen - Pink Cadillac
    Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times
    Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight
    Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sheriff
    Queen - Fat Bottom Girls
    Who - You Better You Bet
    Badfinger - Baby Blue
    Grand Funk Railroad - Bad Time
    Rolling Stones - Tumbling Dice
    Edgar Winter - Frankenstein
    Rush - Tom Sawyer
    Canned Heat - Goin' Up The Country
    Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil
    Bad Company - Movin' On
    Santana - Oye Como Va
    ZZ Top - La Grange
    Alice Cooper - School's Out
    James Gang - Funk #49
    Rolling Stones - Start Me Up
    Golden Earring - Radar Love
    The Boxtops - The Letter
    Who - Going Mobile
    T. Rex - Band a Gong (Get It On)
    Procol Harum - Conquistador
    U2 - New Year's Day
    George Thorogood - Bad To The Bone
    ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man
    Styx - Blue Collar Man
    ELO - Livin' Thing
    Heart - Barracuda
    Hollies - Long Cool Woman
    Beatles - Hard Day's Night
    David Bowie - Fame
    Guess Who - Share the Land
    Who - Magic Bus
    CCR - Proud Mary
    Rolling Stones - Get Off My Cloud
    Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick
    Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain
    Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
    Badfinger - No Matter What
    George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
    Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me
    BTO - Takin' Care Of Business
    Boston - Foreplay/Long Time
    Zombies - She's Not There
    John Fogerty - Centerfield
    Uriah Heep - Easy Livin'
    Steve Miller Band - Take The Money And Run
    Moody Blues - Ride My See-Saw
    Derek & Dominoes - Bell Bottom Blues
    Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider
    Steely Dan - FM (No Static At All)
    Supertramp - Give A Little Bit
    Beatles - Penny Lane
    Rolling Stones - Play With Fire
    Bob Seger - Against The Wind
    Paul Simon - Kodachrome
    Elton John - Levon
    Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    Argent - Hold Your Head Up
    James Gang - Walk Away
    Deep Purple - Hush
    Bad Company - Can't Get Enough
    CCR - Green River
    Rush - New World Man
    Styx - Renegade
    Bob Dylan - Blowin' In The Wind
    Foghat - Fool For The City
    Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
    Who - I Can See For Miles
    Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
    Guess Who - Laughing
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama
    Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride
    Rolling Stones - Heartbreaker
    Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon
    Rascals - Good Lovin'
    Badfinger - Come And Get It
    Doobie Brothers - Black Water
    Byrds - Eight Miles High
    Eagles - Already Gone
    Beatles - She Loves You
    CCR - Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
    Steve Miller - Jet Airliner
    Beatles - Strawberry Fields
    Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart
    Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing
    Doors - People Are Strange
    Elton John - Your Song
    Yes - Long Distance Runaround
    Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
    Bad Company - Feel Like Makin' Love
    Mountain - Mississippi Queen
    ELO - Turn To Stone
    Troggs - Wild Thing
    CCR - Heard It Through The Grapevine
    Steely Dan - Reeling In The Years
    Rascals - People Got To Be Free
    Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense/Peppermints
    Beatles - Twist And Shout
    Doors - Riders On The Storm
    David Bowie - Space Oddity
    Alice Cooper - No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally
    Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man
    Blue Oyster Cult - Godzilla
    Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
    CCR - Bad Moon Rising
    Cheap Trick - Surrender
    Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
    Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
    Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man
    Beatles - Get Back
    AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long
    Guess Who - These Eyes
    Kiss - Rock 'N Roll All Night
    Eric Clapton - After Midnight
    Heart - Crazy On You
    ZZ Top - Tush
    Lynryd Skynyrd - Gimme Three Steps
    Beach Boys - Good VibrationsBeatles - Ticket To Ride
    Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running
    Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way
    Kinks - All Day And All Of The Night
    Led Zeppelin - Ramble On
    Boston - Rock And Roll Band
    ELO - Evil Woman
    Beatles - Eight Days A Week
    Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue
    Queen - Keep Yourself Alive
    Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker/Livin' Lovin' Maid
    Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music
    Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl
    Jackson Browne - Running On Empty
    Cars - Just What I Needed
    Doors - Love Me Two Times
    Janis Joplin - Piece Of My Heart
    Van Halen - Jump
    Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath
    Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want
    Grand Funk Railroad - Some Kind Of Wonderful
    Billy Joel - Piano Man
    Steve Miller - Fly Like An Eagle
    Guess Who - No Time
    Elton John - Rocket Man
    Kansas - Dust In The Wind
    Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.
    Badfinger - Day After Day
    Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever
    Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
    Who - Long Live Rock
    Crosby, Stills, Nash - Teach Your Children
    Eagles - Take It Easy
    GFR - I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home
    Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
    Doors - Love Her Madly
    Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin'
    Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Head East - Never Been Any Reason
    Edgar Winter Band - Free Ride
    Bruce Springsteen - Glory Days
    Byrds - Turn, Turn, Turn
    Styx - Come Sail Away
    Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane
    Foreigner - Feels Like The First Time
    CCR - Down On The Corner
    George Harrison - What Is Life
    Eric Clapton - Let It Rain
    Elton John - Crocodile Rock
    Beatles - Help!
    Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Woman
    Bad Company - Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
    ZZ Top - Legs
    Beatles - Day Tripper
    Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop
    Beatles - Eleanor Rigby
    Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida
    Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion
    Guess Who - American Woman
    Doors - Hello I Love You
    Beatles - Come Together
    Zombies - Time Of The Season
    Who - Squeeze Box
    Doobie Brothers - China Grove
    Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
    Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper
    Paul McCartney - Band On The Run
    BTO - You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
    Yardbirds - For Your Love
    Beatles - Revolution
    Elton John - Daniel
    ELO - Don't Bring Me Down
    Beatles - Long and Winding Road
    Janis Joplin - Me And Bobby McGee
    Who - Who Are You
    CCR - Fortunate Son
    Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way
    David Bowie - Suffragette City
    Eagles - Heartache Tonight
    Procol Harum - Whiter Shade Of Pale
    ELP - Lucky Man
    Beatles - Sgt. Pepper/With A Little Help From My Friends
    Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way
    Manfred Mann - Blinded By The Light
    Grand Funk - We're An American Band
    Crosby, Stills, Nash - Woodstock
    Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower
    Allman Brothers - Ramblin' Man
    Beatles - Something
    Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love
    Don McLean - American Pie
    Doors - Break On Through
    Rod Stewart - Maggie May
    Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl
    Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay
    David Bowie - Changes
    Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
    Police - Every Breath You Take
    Who - Pinball Wizard
    Aerosmith - Walk This Way
    Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady
    Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown
    Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall
    Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil
    Doors - Touch Me
    Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
    Animals - House Of The Rising Sun
    Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water
    Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
    Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar
    Doors - L.A. Woman
    Led Zeppelin - Black Dog
    Eric Clapton - Cocaine
    Beatles - Let It Be
    Boston - More Than A Feeling
    Free - All Right Now
    Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son
    Kinks - You Really Got Me
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird
    Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
    Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash
    Aerosmith - Dream On
    Jethro Tull - Aqualung
    Beatles - Hey Jude
    Doors - Roadhouse Blues
    Yes - Roundabout
    Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
    Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone
    Pink Floyd - Money
    Grateful Dead - Truckin'
    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
    Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
    Beatles - Yesterday
    Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock 'N Roll
    Led Zeppelin - Rock And Roll
    John Lennon - Imagine
    Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run
    Eagles - Hotel California
    Doors - Light My Fire
    Who - Won't Get Fooled Again
    Derek And The Dominoes - Layla
    Rolling Stones - Satisfaction
    Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
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    WOW WV...VERY GOOD LIST.....I like many of those songs on your list.

    Now take a few minutes to rest your fingers after typing that long list out. :bow:
  17. WV Cowboy

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    Showing my age !
  18. BrAinPaiNt

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    Age Smage...good music never gets old.
  19. WV Cowboy

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    RIGHT ON my brother !!
  20. jman

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    How about I just pick my five favorite from your 10...Great list there.

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