Name the player you DON'T want the Cowboys to draft...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by realtick, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. realtick

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    It's always fun to project the players that you hope the Cowboys will take, but let me ask, what player do you absolutely not want them to take?

    For me, off the top, that player is Marcel Dareus.

    Who is your player(s)?
  2. Hostile

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    Jake Locker.
  3. CanuckCowboysFan

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    Rahim Moore or DeAndre Mcdaniel

    I don't like Marcel either.

  4. divot

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    they all look alike.....thick slow run stoppers who are having 2010 seasons that are less than 2009 but living off the rep
  5. Chris in Arizona

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    I have 3
    1. Ryan Mallett
    2. any Texas Longhorn
    3. any of Hos's pet cats
  6. realtick

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    By golly, those are all pretty good ones...

    Don't like Locker as a first round pick either. The only place I would even consider taking him is sometime around the 3rd round or beyond.

    I think Cameron Heyward is exactly as described; big, slow and I don't like his motor.

    Ingram's overrated and by the time the draft rolls around he won't be considered a 1st round pick IMO.

    Clayborn reminds me a lot of a slightly shorter Marcus Spears. In other words, no pass rush moves whatsoever and just beats opponents with bull rush and tenacity. That works well in college, not so much in the pros against OTs that are technicians.

    Not in love with DeAndre McDaniel, I think he's a stiff athlete and not the type I want patrolling centerfield, he might be better suited as a strong safety.

    The one player I disagree with is Ryan Mallett. I think he's a pretty talented guy with a lot of upside. Of course, I don't see him being on the Cowboys' radar, but if the right team can grab him in the bottom half of the 1st round and develop him, he's got all the ability in the world. I think a lot of folks like to hate on him a bit because he's fiery and a bit of a red-arse like Phillip Rivers.
  7. yimyammer

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    BUT he could be the next Ryan Leaf!

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