NASA considering deep-space outpost on far side of moon

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    Will NASA’s next mission send its astronauts beyond the moon?
    The space agency is weighing a proposal to build a “gateway spacecraft” that would hang in space about 277,000 miles from the Earth and 38,000 miles past the moon -- more than a quarter million miles further into space than the orbit of the International Space Station.

    A report by the Orlando Sentinel[​IMG] details the plan to park the orbiting spacecraft on the far side of the moon, in a precisely calculated spot called Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 2. The gravitational pull of the planets balances out at this point in space, allowing NASA to essentially “park” there permanently rather than orbiting.

    In contrast, the ISS orbits the Earth at a height of about 230 miles.
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    Fusion power would make this more feasible!

    At one point we were looking at building a space station on the moon itself. Mostly for mining and possibly to help refuel spacecraft.

    There was some thought about constructing some smaller spacecraft from there also since it would be cheaper (gravity wise) to launch from the moon.

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    With what money I wonder?
  4. Sam I Am

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    Apple has kindly offered to pay for it. :D
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    This isn't a consideration, it's a proposal.
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    Pink Floyd's...
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    Hopefully the iMap won't be used as navigation! They might end up closer to the sun than the moon! :lmao:
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    I always wondered why someone has not started a colony on the Moon, considering private companies wanna try it on Mars.
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    While it's much closer its also much harsher. No atmosphere to speak of so if in the sun it's hot and in the shade its cold. Worse of all there is only water in the rocks and probably a few craters at the poles. While there may actually be quite a bit of water there it's not convenient and that may be the only place it is. You need enough potable water to drink and grow food as well as split into hydrogen for fuel and oxygen for breathing. There's also oxygen in the rocks.

    What's really good about the moon is there is PLENTY of sunshine which means solar power should be feasible esp if we can use resources on the moon to build it. But that means getting power there for initial use as well as all the supplies humans need. The best bet now is to use solar powered robots to build enough solar panels to power a station and the tools and processing needed to make more panels and perform mining.
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    I wonder how much rent would be on the moon.
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    Only if they build it on the Dark Side of the Moon. However, if the do that Great Gig in the Sky, they better Run Like Hell to the other side. The temperature Outside the Wall will make them Comfortably Numb and they may miss their chance to Have a Cigar when aliens come by with a Saucer full of Secrets.

  12. jobberone

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    That was down right artistic!
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    Don't forget to sync all that with the Wizard of Oz.
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    Mine He3 and it will pay for it self 1000 times over

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