Natedawgs incredible mock draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Natedawg44, Mar 21, 2005.

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    1st Alex Barron OT FSU- Not the most glamourous pick but the value is incredible. A franchise LT usually isn't available at 11. With him at LT, Flo at RT and a healthy Rivera with this the Oline is done. That feels nice to say.
    Trade down from 20 picking up a 3rd
    1st Justin Tuck DE Notre Dame- Lots of talent and with the endless debate about Merriman he would be a safer pick considering he's at the end of round one instead of the start and similar in talent level
    2nd Marlin Jackson CB/S Michigan-would be a superstar in the slot, great versatility being able to play CB and FS. How many times have we had a CB go down for an extended period of time. He's proven at two positions
    3rd Mark Bradley WR Oklahoma- An explosive WR with talent on par with any WR in the draft. Outside of Mike Williams and Mark Clayton I don't see any of these WR's have a huge impact in their rookie years. Rookies typically don't. We already have decent depth but we could afford to give a guy with talent like Bradley time to develop which is really all he needs.
    4th Brandon Jacobs RB/FB Southern Illinois- his biggest weakness is blocking, but Parcells has proven he could care less about that from a FB by having Richie Anderson and Barnes play FB and cutting Martin. Otherwise what a prospect incredible size, incredible speed for that size. He could play RB in a pinch no problem. He had 19 TDs last year, spent his junior year behind two top 5 picks. If he had went elsewhere instead of Auburn could have very easily been a 1st rounder.
    5th Derek Wake DE/OLB Penn State- OLB/DE hybrid we all know how important a good vertical is in a DE ;) but 250 lbs and a NBA 44 inch vertical is pretty incredible. Gives depth at LB and a player for 3-4 looks
    7th Rasheed Marshall QB Marshall- The closest thing to Ray Lucas around. Great Athlete for a QB that could play WR and special teams. Similar to Crayton probably not as good a WR prospect as Crayton but a much, much better QB prospect. Decent numbers when asked to throw. Would probably be on the practice squad.

    Thoughts pertinent or otherwise?
  2. cobra

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    My only problem with this kind of mock is that we don't know who are passing on when selecting these guys. Barron might be a solid pick, but not if we are passing on DJ, Mike Williams, or some other stud. Justin Tuck at some point near the bottom of the 1st.... but which spot and who are we passing on. Are we passing on Crowder? Blackstock? Miller? Davis? Williamson? If so, then bad pick on Tuck. Are we taking Marlin Jackson over Bullocks? If so, then I say bad pick.

    Basically, its impossible to analyze your selections without knowing how you see the prior picks falling.
  3. Rack Bauer

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    I hate it. Don't mind the Barron pick, but the next two make me want to puke.
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    You better hope Marshall would stay as ST or WR...because this kid makes Quincy Carter look like Joe Montana.


    Let me say this...this is the same coach that used Woody Dantzler and Saun King as QBs...he is not that interested in passing the ball but even if he was he did not have much of a passing game with Marshall at QB.
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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  6. The30YardSlant

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    Its a bad mock
  7. playit12

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    Better than some I have seen but I think you have the order reversed on Marlin Jackson and Tuck. MJ was the most funamentally sound DB that worked out at the Combine. Even with questions about his top end speed, I think he goes in the first. Tuck on the other hand is behind a lot of talent. He could easily slip to the late second.

    I agree with what was said about seeing the whole draft.

    Also i don't see us picking up a Full back. Polite was one of the highest ranked full backs in the draft last year, and he will get every chance to compete this year. We have a bigger need for a pass catching third down back to replace Anderson. Also I think we'll spend some of our second day picks on DT projects. Maybe even an Inside LB.
  8. ghst187

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    it stinks, i definitely won't mind picking up MJ or Tuck (if the Howard deal doesn't go through and we don't get Abraham) but Barron at 11 is a waste IMO. Could we use a RT, maybe...but (and I'm presuming the only way even you suggest this pick is that DJ, MW, BE, and probably Merriman are gone?) imagine the players we could get with a trade down. I think they would be worth far more than Barron at 11. In fact, I'd rather have Brown (whom might be had at 20 anyway) because he's close in talent and size but I think he'll work harder and has an amazing proven body of work. I haven't given up on Tucker yet either even though I'd prefer to see him moved inside to guard. But anyway, I think the value of the two to three extra first day players (to fill positions like FS, LB, WR, K, BPA) we could get by trading down from 11 would far outweigh the overall impact upgrading RT would have. We just flat out need more playmakers at key positions.
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    Don't really understand any of the selections. We drafted OL with 2 of our top 3 picks last year I really doubt we go OL in round one. When was the last time we even drafted a OL in round one? Howard Richards? I think the first pick is either Spears, DJ or Merriman. I doubt Williams falls to us @ #11. If those three are not there we trade down. Now if Baron some how falls to #20, then things might get interesting.
  10. Natedawg44

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    There's no way we can depend on Rogers for anything in terms of production. Flozell has had one good year at LT
    maybe thats why we have walking penalty machines and turnstiles at the corners trying to get by with Undrafted Free Agents I think Barron has the least number of questions about him compare to DJ, MW and Merriman.

    Hes a 7th rounder he's as good as Deveren Johnson already and hasn't played a down at WR
  11. DLK150

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    DJ is probably not the best player to use as a comparison.
  12. 32BellyOption

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    As much as I love Rasheed Marshall(great kid!) he'll NEVER play QB in the NFL. Rasheed struggles throwing the ball between the hashes and doesn't read defenses very well. He's a tremendous athlete who I think will have a good career as a slot WR and special teams player(ala Randle El).
  13. junk

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    How can you mock this mock? The title of the thread clearly states it is "incredible".
  14. 5mics

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    I'm just the opposite Nate: I don't like the #11 overall (Barron) BUT I really like the next two (Tuck & Marlin Jackson).....
  15. Natedawg44

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    Absolutely :D
  16. Natedawg44

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    fore shore :D
  17. DLCassidy

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    I will be stunned if our first selection is not defense, unless we trade down to 15 to get a 3rd or exchange picks with NO at 16 for the Howard deal. Then Jamal Brown could make sense. But if we use the 11th pick my guess would be either Spears or James, depending on Bill's thought about 4-3 vs. 3-4. If the pick is Spears your trade down to get Tuck makes sense to me. Tuck is a nice player who could project to OLB in a 3-4.

    According to Scouts Marlin Jackson is a much better CB prospect than safety. I would rather have Brodney Pool if he slips to 42 or Josh Bullocks in the low 50's.

    Mark Bradley is a one year wonder who benefited greatly from having Mark Clayton on his team. If we aren't going to get one of the top 5 guys at WR I'd rather let Morgan and our projects get another year to show what they have. The other picks don't excite me at all.
  18. playit12

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    I'd love to have Marlin at Safety, but as others have said he is a good enough player to start at CB so I doubt he'd be happy making less at FS. I think Bullocks would be good though, but it looks like he is jumping up on people's boards. This being a thin year for FS, he might go before the 50s.
  19. Natedawg44

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    I written this until I'm blue in the face. We do not want Brodney Pool anyone who watched any Oklahoma games knows that. He takes horrible angles and gets beat every time on sideline routes. Look at the OSU, Texas A&M, and National Championship game he cannot play cover 2 deep. He would be a disaster in Zimmer's cover two. Give me Bullocks or Jackson if not get someone later on day 2.
    As far as Mark Bradley, He is more explosive that Clayton and outplayed him last year, what's funny is he's still learning the position. He's as athletically talented as anyone in the draft at WR. It wouldn't suprise me if he ends up being the 2nd best WR in this draft behind Mike Williams 2-3 years from now.
  20. DLCassidy

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    That's pretty harsh on Pool. He was first team all Big XII this year and every place I've looked has him as the top rated safety in the draft.
    Bradley caught 23 balls last year to Clayton's 66. He had a better YPC but he wasn't even the #2 receiver at OU. The guy might be talented but he's a 2nd day pick.

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