National writer: Cowboys will feel impact of passing on Jalen Ramsey with no Carr, Claiborne

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    National writer: Cowboys will feel impact of passing on Jalen Ramsey with no Carr, Claiborne

    By Contact on Twitter: @SportsDayDFW

    Yes, the Cowboys will field a secondary next season, but gone are several familiar faces in Barry Church, Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and J.J. Wilcox.

    And while Dallas has made some additions to its defense in free agency, it's not hard to think of what struggles could lie ahead -- at least for the secondary -- while NFC East rivals stock up on wide receiver help.

    Could the Cowboys have better prepared themselves for this mass exodus of defensive backs? Maybe. One line of thought this offseason did center on them being able to re-sign Carr or Claiborne, which never materialized.

    Though there was no telling how 2017 free agency would unfold back in March of last year, columnist Pete Prisco believes passing on Jalen Ramsey with the fourth overall pick of the 2016 draft is a decision that will impact the Cowboys in the near future now that Carr and Claiborne are gone.

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    I guess he never heard of this guy name Zeke Elliot who was in the running for rookie of the year.
  4. Sydla

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    I think Prisco was anti-Elliott from the start so no surprise he's still singing that tune today.
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  5. Walker

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    Ramsey couldn't even win Defensive Rookie of The Year!
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  6. Silver Surfer

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    Petey's opinion will matter as soon as he becomes GM of the Cowboys. Until then.......
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  7. Sydla

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    Yeah but Bosa was a stud and Ramsey finished 2nd.
  8. Proximo

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    The end of that last tweet is telling - "I said it then and will continue to say it".

    Yea, so basically he's going to continue with this angle in an effort to "be right".

  9. Daillest88

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    Ezekiel Elliott in his second year..Big time year coming up. Records will be broken
  10. StarBoyz83

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    Meh our strength is our offense and zeke is a huge part of that.

    However I would like to see another vet cb brought in like leon hall for insurance.
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    You can only address so many issues at once. I wanted Ramsey badly and I'm glad he's an impact player on defense. But, when you have a player that your scouts and coaches feel is the best RB they've ever scouted out of college and is a Hall of Famer and then said RB dominates the league and leads it in rushing...hard to argue that pick.

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    My tweet to him:
    @PriscoCBS And you will continue to be the dumbest guy on the NFL beat!
  13. Bleu Star

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    More like national snoozer because that mess put me straight to sleep.
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  14. darthseinfeld

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    Zeke VS Ramsey is a viable debate

    However, saying losing a jag you replaced with an equal ( or close to it) jag and losing a player who cant be counted on to play half a season is where they will feel the loss is pure trolling
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  15. GimmeTheBall!

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    Our pick of Zeke was such a waste....
    This national writer needs a nation.
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  16. fredp22

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    I feel Rod had the final say on both not coming back. I dont think it was the money as both signed for close to what we paid them. If Brown and Jones were also Rod's picks I feel good he'll continue to build a good secondary.
    Still have no problem with Zeke over Ramsey.
  17. slick325

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    Or...Dallas drafts a CB at #28 or #60 or in the 3rd. Smh...Pete you're better than this. Let go of the "RBs shouldn't be 1st rounders" antiquated nonsense. Thought he left that behind in 2016 at the Champps inside the Downtown Marriott on W. Maryland in Indianapolis during a lively lunch conversation. Guess not...
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  18. reddyuta

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    well put.Ramsey is going to be a top 5 CB in the league.the Zeke pick already helped us to a 13-3 record.If he keeps producing like this for the next 4 years then it will be worth it.
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  19. Joshmvii

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    Yeah, really going to rue drafting a guy who averaged 130+ yards from scrimmage and a TD per game as a rookie, in an offense with a rookie QB that teams were willing to let beat them by stacking against the run. I'm the first guy to not want to draft RBs in the first, but when it's a talent like Zeke, sorry, you pick him. You're talking about a guy who can be a 2000 yard rusher.
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  20. erod

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    Some people just can't admit when they're wrong.

    The participation trophy crowd.
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