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Navy commander: Trio of shots ended sea standoff

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. WoodysGirl

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    By Pauline Jelinek, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 36 mins ago

    WASHINGTON – Three remarkable shots in the dark from the back of a warship on a rolling sea — that's how the Navy's elite SEALs saved the life of the American hostage in a dangerous standoff with pirates.

    Grueling training on land, sea and in the air produces these stealth forces that fight terrorists, launch information warfare, do counter-drug missions and a host of other clandestine operations that a larger force couldn't do.

    The SEALs who ended the five-day pirate drama parachuted from their aircraft to the sea off Somalia and were picked up by the destroyer USS Bainbridge, which had been negotiating with the pirates and was towing the pirated lifeboat at the time.

    Vice Adm. William Gortney, commander of U.S. Naval Forces in that region, said Monday that it took only three shots for Navy snipers to kill the trio of pirates holding captain Richard Phillips hostage on the lifeboat.

    The takedown happened shortly after the hostage-takers were observed by sailors aboard the USS Bainbridge "with their heads and shoulders exposed," he told NBC's "Today" show on Monday in an interview from Bahrain.

    Military officials widely praised the snipers for three shots, which they described as remarkable. They said the snipers fired in darkness from the stern of a ship 25 yards away on rolling waters.

    The order to fire came after one of the pirates was seen holding an AK-47 so close to Phillips that the weapon appeared to be touching him. Two other pirates popped their heads up, giving snipers all three of their targets, one official said.

    The military officials asked not to be named because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the case.

    They said that a fourth pirate who survived was believed to be between 16 and 20 years old, and had in effect surrendered before the sniper rescue.

    One official said he jumped into a small craft that had been taking food to the lifeboat, and asked to be taken to the Bainbridge. He also needed medical help because he had been stabbed in the hand on the Maersk Alabama in the initial standoff with crew members when the pirates attempted unsuccessfully to take over the cargo vessel, officials said.

    Shane Murphy, a crew member of the Maersk Alabama, told a news conference: "We are lucky to be out of it with every one of us alive. We never had to fight to take our ship back. We never gave up."

    A senior U.S. official said negotiations with the pirates had been "going up and down. Discussions would be going well, and then they would get discouraged and real angry." This official, asking not to be publicly identified because he, too, was not authorized to discuss this on the record, said the pirates were "becoming increasingly agitated in the rough waters; they weren't getting what they wanted."

    Just as it was getting dark, pirates fired a tracer bullet "toward the Bainbridge," further heightening the sense that the incident was ratcheting up, the official said.

    He said that at the time snipers took their shot, Phillips' hands were bound.

    The official said that while Navy negotiators acting on the FBI's advice had been trying to talk the pirates into letting the captain go, they did not discuss paying a ransom.

  2. sbark

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  3. ethiostar

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  4. Jon88

    Jon88 Benched

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    I'm sure a lot here have watched their training on The Military Channel. The ones who do make it are the absolute best of the best.

    The Somali's were incredibly stupid for sticking their heads up.
  5. irvin4evs

    irvin4evs Benched

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    Pretty incredible skill. I'm not a war or violence advocate, but this is some good stuff.
  6. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

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    This is blurb from CNN

    Drop in from the sky and snipe people through that little window. These people had no clue what they were dealing with.
  7. Hostile

    Hostile Persona Non Grata Zone Supporter

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    I am a decent shot with a rifle. I could not do that on my best day.
  8. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    funny how some people think that all you need is a gun and you're good

    until someone who makes it their business to know guns comes along and drops a round in your forehead from a few hundred yards off
  9. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Active Member

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    You be amazed how many people could not qualify with an automatic machine gun. Everyone thinks you can just spread bullets everywhere and hit a bunch of targets.

    Yes was one a few in one Unit that qualified on an M60
  10. Hostile

    Hostile Persona Non Grata Zone Supporter

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    I have outshot a Tucson Police Sniper. We had a fun competition, but I won. I admit I got a bit lucky. That was holding dead still and shooting at a stationary target.

    The up and down of the ocean, 3 shots, all have to be deadly or your victim dies, from 25 yards in the dark?

    That's insane good. I love our military.
  11. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    To give it a meathead perspective...

    That is BAMF action
  12. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    20/20 had a segment Friday "If I only had a gun."
    In one segment, they had a simulated situation of a gunman coming into a college class and had members of the class (who had gun training) try to defend themselves in the situation.

    Long story short, the class members who were suppose to be experts had tunnel vision - focusing only on the shooter. They didn't see that the gunman had an accomplish and while they were focused in on the main gunman, they got shot by his accomplice.

    Also, because of tunnel vision, the shooters (students) weren't aware of other students running to get out of the way. Some of the shooters did hit students who were fleeing.

    I thought that was an interesting segment, especially since I'm not a gun owner. You always think that all you need is a gun, point and shoot. But it's much more than that.
  13. burmafrd

    burmafrd Well-Known Member

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    How many school shooters have had more then one person outside of Columbine?

    Sounds frankly like a so called report with an agenda to say that defending yourself is useless so just lay down and die. Considering it was from MSM that would not be surprise.
  14. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    Huh? :huh:

    It wasn't saying that. It was saying it's not as easy as you think. And different situations call for different tactics.

    But if your mentality is, "Have gun will kill shooter, if some innocent person is killed in the crossfire, we'll that's collateral damage," then I can understand why you would reach that conclusion.
  15. burmafrd

    burmafrd Well-Known Member

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    and your mentality is lay down and take it.

    Defend yourself because there is more then likely no one else around to do it. POlice can only respond and who knows how long they will take to get there. So what else? I know YOU just want to see to it that no one has any option to defend themselves.
  16. DIAF

    DIAF DivaLover159

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    you don't think anyone actually thinks like that, do you?
  17. burmafrd

    burmafrd Well-Known Member

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    Diaf come on= look at some of the more radical libs here who want gun control out the yang. THEY would (check out Soros and his agenda) take away any oppurtunity for an ordinary citizen to be able to defend themselves.
  18. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Active Member

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    I can tell you personally from military training and even paintball it is hard when there is chaos the people who remain calm and clear tend to do well. Just like in most traditional martial arts try to train you not against one attacker but multiple attackers to always be looking for that other guy.

    That does not surprise me at all about that most people do not get adequate training for those types of scenarios.

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