NBA Commish says league considering adding a midseason tournament

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Again you mitigate risk by having less regular season games and more of a break.

    During the mid-season tourney format you could play 3 games a day but all nationally televised.
    That puts all but 6 teams off on any given day.
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    that's rather in every way dumb imho.

    no one ridicules anyone winning anything in the nba and this would be the same.
    and the award can be cash, playoff spot or anything else they choose, not a trophy.
    think teams are really gonna laugh at some team winning a million dollars and a guaranteed playoff spot?

    it produces a much higher quality product which should be the goal as that is what draws fans.
    it also prevents further watering down the playoffs by making that even more teams qualifying.

    the nba already hosts summer league tourneys with the goal to make those games watchable. it should definitely do the same with the mid-season break.

    anyone who doesnt think this would be valuable is probably not thinking it through and instead saying i hate change.

    the nba has a tremendous post-season, creating a version of that again mid-season has to be the goal if anyone is thinking at all.
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    True - but would the midseason tournament be for anything other than exhibition? If not, do you think there's a coach in the league who would be in favor of it? If it's playing for a playoff spot, ok, there's a guaranteed prize for some of the fringe seeds.

    Regardless, I think it's a dumb idea, because I don't think the NBA is broken. The current structure is fine, and I don't think it needs a massive overhaul like this. I think a mid-season tourney takes away from the postseason, personally.
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    jterrell - I agree that there need to be less games, but the mid-season tournament is a stupid idea.

    I would rather see a format more similar to what the MLS is doing now with their regular season and their All-Star Game. Have pool-play/Olympic style regular season with point scoring for regular season standings that lead to playoff seeding. Do away with conferences, and have the NBA All-Stars play in an exhibition All-Star Game against World All-Stars (and give international NBA players the choice of playing for the NBA team or the World Team if chosen by the World coaching staff).

    I also would like to see summer exhibition games like a few years ago when the Lakers played and beat FC Barcelona (or whatever their basketball equivalent is); or more teams from EuroBasket or the South American teams coming up to play.

    It could really evolve the game and make it more appealing to more audiences, and bring in some of the younger generation that is more progressively aligned with sports and more internationally-traveled or interested.

    All of that can still be accomplished by having everything else in the NBA done exactly how it is now, and in my opinion slicing 20 games off the schedule, mostly Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday games.

    Play more games on Thu-Sun, you get more younger fans in the building and more kids, since they don't have to be out until 11PM or later on a school night, and the NBA will be more interesting than it ever has been. In the lockout-shortened season, there was MORE revenue than in other years because the games were all meaningful. Like I said before, you couldn't just coast until the All-Star Break and then turn it on to make the playoffs the second half -- teams were battling from the tip off on Christmas Day.
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    I'm all for making a profit, but now they are chasing it more than Sandusky chased boys.
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    US vs the World is terrible in every sport it is tried.
    Any exhibition game at all is TOTALLY pointless.

    MLS in fact is looking to move away from that and into focusing more on what works in Europe. --mid-season tourneys and other tourneys.

    60-70 games is absolutely plenty but the owners won't give up revenue so the mid-season break has to be very profitable. It can be an exhibition game.

    Weekend games are meant for TV not stadium attendance. We already get plenty of those.
    Younger fans seldom have the money to attend games anyway so that's not a huge issue.
    Early starts for TV have a positive impact.

    You could have other major BBall leagues champions feed into the mid-season tourney. Take only the previous season's playoff teams and add say 8 top non NBA teams for a 24 team tourney that means something and rewards everyone financially. --see Champions League.
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    Yes, because if you want to make your sport more popular in America you should copy soccer.

    This is like the worst idea ever.
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    Although this was funny, I think he is attempting to make his sport more popular around the world by copying soccer

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