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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by irvin88, Oct 21, 2008.

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    John McCain's campaign seems to be playing a little hardball with the media in the final two weeks of the presidential race.

    The campaign on Tuesday issued a statement decrying NBC News for its "apparent refusal" to air Joe Biden's controversial remarks that Barack Obama would face a "generated crisis" early on if he is elected.

    "Biden's remarks capture perfectly the message of this campaign: Barack Obama is too risky, too inexperienced, to serve as commander in chief -- that his election by itself will provoke our enemies, and that his brief record raises serious questions as to how an Obama administration would respond to such a challenge," McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb said in the written statement.

    "This campaign highlighted Biden's remarks throughout the day yesterday," he continued. "Yet on NBC Nightly News last night, when Andrea Mitchell reported on Biden's remarks, she failed to play the relevant portion -- the portion that this campaign and a variety of news outlets had found controversial, or revealing as the case may be."

    A representative from NBC News could not be reached for comment.

    The Atlantic also posted an expletive-laced interview with McCain adviser Mark Salter on its Web site Monday in which Salter assailed the media for their treatment of the Republican ticket.

    "I think, starting with the Democratic primary, there has been a different standard for Obama than there has been for any candidate running against Barack Obama. And maybe this should have set off more warning bells with me," he said. "I think much of the media has a thumb on the scale for Obama. I think the thumb has been there the entire time."

    Salter added that "the press has been harsh consistently" on the McCain campaign.

    The Politico also reported that Time columnist Joe Klein, who has been critical of the McCain campaign, has been unable to snag a seat on the McCain and Sarah Palin campaign planes for months.

    "I've done nine presidential campaigns and this is the first time this has ever happened to me," Klein told Politico.

    "My understanding is that his request came in too late," Palin spokesperson Tracey Schmitt said.
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    whats so controversial about it? he said he will be tested didnt say he would fail..... talk about reaching. every new president gets tested. just like mccain would if he gets elected.

    can someone say desperate?:laugh1:
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    NBC news is broadcast from Fake america.

    Why does the mcain/palin camp care.

    they have made their own map of america and declared by region who is an american and who isnt.

    So why do they care when the media in ny says something, they have declared them fake americans.
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    Frankly they are sub americans so sounds right to me.
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    Are you from fake america or real america?

    Mcains people have layed out what is what. Look it up if you need to.

    I am not sure where I am, I am from what would be considered fake america but currently live where these people would consider me a real american.

    just like Hulk Hogan.
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    Sounds like whinning to me.

    Last time I checked NBC is a PRIVATE CORPORATION.

    You Republicans want free enterprise and the market to take care of itself, right???

    Then NBC has to cater to its stockholders by increasing income. In order to increase income, the network has to charge for advertising time. The higher the ratings, the more the network can charge for this time.

    So, it is up to NBC to air what will bring the highest ratings, thus produce the most income, thus maximize shareholder wealth. If NBC airs what its audience doesnt want to hear, the ratings go down, thus what they can charge for airtime goes down, thus income and shareholder wealth go down.

    Thus, NBC as a private corporation should air what its viewers find most appealing. If the majority of their viewers are Democrats, why would they air pro-Republican information?

    Now if you think NBC needs to be regulated by the FCC or "fairness doctrine", then it is up to Congress and Gov intervention. However, Republicans are suppossed to be against Gov intervention and the free market should handle the situation.

    Which is it Republicans, should a private corporation like NBC air whatever it wants under "free market" or should it be forced by the Gov (FCC) to provide equal coverage?
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    ABC too.

    Dan Rather: If Palin said what Biden said, it’d be front-page news

    Note to the media: When Dan "Forged TANG Documents" Rather thinks you’re in the tank, it’s time to regroup.

    And this from Ace o' Spades:

    MSNBC Outdoes Itself: Given the choice between reporting the embarrassing Biden quote which has actually become an issue in the campaign, or reporting a similar quote in which Biden reformulated it to sound better, which do you think MSNBC chose?

    And even worse - - they did not alert their viewers that this was not in fact the quote McCain and Palin are talking about. They called this "the quote."
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    Networks actually air what their viewers want to hear and not actually what really happened???

    Kinda like what Fox News does???

    Of course networks cater to their viewers, why do you think MSNBC is the "Obama" network and FOX is the "McCain" network.

    This is not news, this is just how the game is played today with corporate media.
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    I'm heartened to learn that you think NBC is a phony news organization completely devoid of professionalism and honesty and wholly enslaved to the DNC. Now if you could only get them to admit the obvious.
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    I am not saying NBC is a phony network.

    What I am saying is that anybody that does not think a network "leans a certain way" is being very naive.

    Of course some networks "lean more than others". Fox News leans so far to the right, they dam near fall over!!!

    I am not saying it is right or wrong, I am just saying that is how it is.
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    Good point.
  12. bbgun

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    You might be un-American if . . . A Vice Presidential candidate schmoozes a crowd by calling them pro-American and you immediately think you're being called un-American.
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    I'll admit that Fox does lean to the right. However, on Fox I hear more from both sides of the issues than I do on any other network.

    When we are dealing with The News, I want the News with out a slant either way. When NBC presents itself as unbias News, it should be as advertised. Unfortunately it is not.
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    It's just a preemptive strike should it happen (and I hope it doesn't... that's tough on us all)

    We all heard over and over again how 9/11 happened on "Bush's Watch" even though Clinton had a big hand in it...

    If it truly does happen, you will rarely hear "it happened on Obama's Watch"... you will hear it is Bush's fault...
  16. trickblue

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    That's cause you are a fake... ;)
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    Isn't Dan Rather a liberal? When he even points out the bias in the main stream media, that is something. At least to me it is.
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    You know if that wasn't so Frickin Pathetic...it would be funny.

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