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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Letemburn, Jun 3, 2004.

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    Hey you all i just recently created some forums, to talk about NCAA and Madden, and some real football. All i hear from other gaming sites is people complaining, and people spamming and hateing each other and all that, so i decided to create some forums and to try to get a few people to join and for us to become a small community of people to talk about the game we all love. I dont want to become nothing big like Madden mania or anything i just want to keep it simple and make some more friends on the web and everything else. Also we will start up a league for people who are members of the forums. We will have a draft and all that. The people who are the most active in the forums and all that, no spam, or BS post, will get the higher pick in the draft. I feel that doing this will make us a better community. Please take the time to join and post around so we can become a great small community, also im looking for about to mods to help control the forums and keep them clean. Thanks to whoever joins! my aim is letemburn777 let me know if you would like to me a mod. heres the link....

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