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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. NeonDeion21

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    #18 - Kenny Vaccarro S, Texas


    Claiborne, Carr, Church and Vacarro. If Monte Kiffin really wants us to resemble the Seattle Seahawks defense, we need play-makers at safety. According to NFLN's Daniel Jeremiah, most NFL scouts have Vacarro rated higher than Seattle's Earl Thomas, who Dallas was rumored to like. Vacarro can make plays on the ball and can even cover slot WR's. A very versatile player.

    #47 - Manti Te'o LB, Notre Dame


    The first "what?" pick of the draft. Jerry Jones has been rumored to be interested in him and according to scouts, he was projected to be a late 1st or early 2nd. The bad National Championship Game, GF story, and slow 40 allows him to slip to Dallas in the middle of round 2. Jerry and Co. know that SLB isn't a huge need, but they can't resist Te'o this late in the draft. Lee, Carter, and Te'o are one heckuva LB group.

    #81 - Barrett Jones OC, Alabama


    Productive. Leader. Champion. Need I say more? I don't care what people say about his strength, he gets the job done. Centers aren't valued in the draft as high as they should be, but luckily for us, he is there. Starter Day 1. Brian Schewenkie from Cal is also an option here.

    #111 - Devin Taylor DE, South Carolina


    A project to replace Anthony Spencer, Taylor stood out at the East-West Shrine Game. He is long and athletic, who plays with a motor that always runs hot. He potentially could start in 2014 with a little help from DL coach Rod Marinelli. A pet cat of mine.

    #144 - Aaron Mellette WR, Elon


    Not a well known kid, but has good size at 6'3. I thought he played well at the Senior Bowl and we could be in the market for a WR if Austin and Ogletree both leave.

    #175 - Michael Williams TE, Alabama


    Williams is an excellent blocker who can make the team as the 3rd TE. He can play on ST and is a goal line option because of his big frame. Hard worker.
  2. newlander

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    except for T'eo...bama PUNISHED him. The kid ran a 4.8 forty.....he's a 4th round backup ILB that can play special teams: that is TRULY what he is
  3. NeonDeion21

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    To be fair, I am not a big fan of Te'o but BAMA made all ILBs look bad. Minter and Ogletree both struggled vs BAMA.
  4. newlander

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    ....I saw them play LSU and UGA and you're right....BUT I just can't get past T'eo's 40....4.8? He is slow....I'll stick by what I said: 4th rounder IMO
  5. tm1119

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    I like the Jones and Taylor picks....not much else. Te'o is extremely overrated. Take away the 3 or 4 right place right time INT's off of tips and his season was very mediocre. He's a very soft LB, plays well in space but can't take on blockers and disengage. In other words, I don't want him.
  6. Future

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    The vast majority of INTs are right place, right time.

    Even if he doesn't have great speed, his instincts and tackling ability allow him to make plays. Plus, a his fire for the game could go a long way on this defense.

    I don't think he'll be a gamebreaker, but people all of a sudden are acting like he's a scrub. Not saying we should take him, b/c I think a more athletic guy would be a better fit, but I think end of round 1/round 2 is about where he should be.
  7. NeonDeion21

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    Agreed. He isn't Patrick Willis or even Luke Kuechly. But he can be productive like James Laurnaitis is STL. Very safe and solid 2nd round pick.
  8. Future

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    It will be interesting to see how he performs at his pro day. With all the crap that has gone on, it might have interrupted his training and preparation, and certainly having to wait the extra month or whatever getting ready for Bama gives him (and all the other guys in that gaem) a disadvantage for the combine b/c they lose all the time to train for those specific events. With another month or so, he could shave some time.
  9. Deep_Freeze

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    Decent mock, although this really isn't post combine and drafting Vaccarro without knowing his performance tomorrow is a bit much. His stock could change drastically tomorrow, I would rather wait.

    I don't mind Te'o in the second, he has been very productive and will complete our starting LBs, although I do think this draft assumes that Spencer will be back....something that is very up in the air right now.

    A guard/center in the 3rd has a high chance of happening if we don't go with one earlier cause he could probably come in and contribute immediately.
  10. ceerrece

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    I agree, this is a very decent mock... but honestly, i don't see Te'o falling to the second, even with his poor performance at the combine and the rumours about his sexuality.
  11. robert70x7

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    Manti Te'o is Vontaze Burfict without the craziness. Sure he has baggage that has been perpetuated and exploited by the media, but someone is going to get a good ILB for a long time regardless of where he is taken.
  12. IAmLegend

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    Te'o isn't falling to 47 and Barrett Jones isn't falling to 81.
  13. Picksix

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    Reading a lot about Jones getting more of a 3rd round grade than a 2nd, especially w/ the foot injury. Maybe not to 81, but don't be surprised if he lasts till the 3rd.
  14. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    I really hope Vaccaro has a mediocre day tomorrow..I don't want his stock to continue to rise, would be a good fallback if Warmack/Cooper/Richardson are off the board.
  15. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    Bowman ran a 4.72 a few years ago man, how many combines do you have to witness to realize the 40 isn't everything..Laurinaitis 4.82.. Maualuga 4.86..Curtis Lofton 4.79...Briggs 4.75 seconds...Stephen Tulloch 4.84..
  16. XxTDxX

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    Vaccaro: Good pick.. This kid is a hell of a player.

    Teo: Would be huge distraction.. He is the new Tebow lol. Don't like this pick at all and highly doubt they would go this direction. Rather take a RB/OG/DL with this pick.. LB not a area of need right now.

    Barret Jones: Won't happen.. I think Jerry and co. are convinced that Costa will be a player and at the very least Bernardeau can be moved to C

    Taylor: Like the pick but doubt he makes it to the mid 4th round.. Could grab a guy like William Gholston or Lavar Edwards

    Mallette: Not a bad pick but I prefer Rodney Smith out of Florida State

    Williams: Great pick.

    Pretty good mock but Teo in the 2nd kind of ruins it for me.. too many positions of need to go for a guy when we are already above average at linebacker even if Albright has to start.. Also no RB? Unless we sign a guy like Chris Ivory we have no choice but to draft one at some point in this draft
  17. Gaede

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    Exactly. You can throw out all the other crap. He's a good football player.
  18. visionary

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    Dont agree here Robert

    Teo has bagage AND

    lost weight (down from 255 to 241) and still

    ran 4.81 /40

    and did not lift (most likely because he had lost weight to be able to run faster)

    he may be a good LB but i cant imagine a team taking him before the late 2 or early 3
  19. JeffInDC

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    Burfict 5.09, and I'm sure we could go on.
  20. DFWJC

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    I thought he looked very awkward in the drills too. Cumbersome almost. To be fair, I didn't see him play much this season. He must have great instincts to rack up those stats. I wouldjust rather spend out early picks on the trenches and maybe safety.

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