Nebraska Cornhuskers & Taylor Martinez

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by CATCH17, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. CATCH17

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    Anyone else impressed with the Huskers so far? Are they the best big 12 team right now?

    That team plays really good defense and can run the ball and Martinez fits the old school Nebraska mentality.

    I think they are a team to keep an eye on right now.

    They get their toughest opponent, Texas, @ home the week after Texas plays OU also.

    Sat, Sep 25 South Dakota State (Homecoming) - Memorial Stadium 6 p.m.

    Thu, Oct 07 Kansas State * - at Manhattan, Kan. 6:30 p.m.

    Sat, Oct 16 Texas * - Memorial Stadium TBA

    Sat, Oct 23 Oklahoma State * - at Stillwater, Okla. TBA

    Sat, Oct 30 Missouri * - Memorial Stadium TBA

    Sat, Nov 06 Iowa State * - at Ames, Iowa TBA

    Sat, Nov 13 Kansas * - Memorial Stadium TBA

    Sat, Nov 20 Texas A&M * - at College Station, Texas TBA

    Fri, Nov 26 Colorado *
  2. mrwarr16

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    You better hope Iowa St doesn't pull one out again. lol
  3. Doomsday101

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    I'm very impressed by the job Bo Pelini has done at Nebraska. He brought his aggressive defense to the Cornhuskers and he also brought back tradition like the black shirts and has the kids believing in what they are doing. I look forward to the matchup with my Horns
  4. peplaw06

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    I really wasn't too impressed with this team coming into the season, because of their QB situation. I thought Zac Lee was just a tad more than useless. With Suh gone, I figured they'd take a step back on defense. So I wasn't sure why they were getting ranked so highly.

    But this Martinez kid looks dangerous from what little I've seen. Still not a big passing threat on that team, but he's definitely a threat with his running ability.

    They dodged OU on the schedule, and their toughest road games will be at Okie State and A&M. They could definitely challenge for the title.
  5. jimmy40

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    Texas has a bye week between OU and Nebraska. I'm sure they'll need it.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    He does remind me of a lot of the typical old school QBs for Nebraska. He's a running back playing QB. I don't think he's a very strong passer at all, at this point in his development. If I were Texas, I would definitely force him to beat me throwing the ball. I would contain him and make him throw routes he is not strong with.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    Everyone around here expected them to be a top 10 team this year. It all comes down to the Texas game. We find out then how they can match up. Should they win that game and the Big 12 championship game do they get a shot at the BCS title game? There are many, many folks around here who think they should.
  8. Cythim

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    I think both Nebraska and Oklahoma have a good chance to play in the conference title game un-defeated with the winner obviously playing in the BCS championship. It will not be an easy road for either team but that is my current expectation.
  9. MaverickPS

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    my girlfriend is a HUGE Nebraska fan and I've never really watched college but I'm being forced to now

    is there any way to watch their games (apart from the nationally televised games) here in Dallas?

    on their website it says a lot of them are on FSN Pay-per-view, whatever the hell that is
  10. big dog cowboy

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    It's a pay-per-view channel.

    You pay, then you can view.

    It happens a lot here. Guys get together and split the cost. They actually end up paying far more on beer and food.
  11. BraveHeartFan

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    They're my favorite college team so needless to say I'm very impressed by what I've seen them do thus far. :)
  12. Rynie

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    LOL. This is how I got hooked on the Huskers. My GF went to school there. I never cared about college football until last season. Martinez is an absolute threat on the running game. He ran an 81 yarder last game. If he develops an arm too, GAME OVER.

    Crick will take the place of Suh, even though he was a little silent last game. I think Nebraska will go all the way. Texas is good, but they're playing them in Lincoln.

    I see Nebraska beating Texas on the 16th.
  13. UnoDallas

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    on the computer
  14. CATCH17

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    They were always my favorite team growing up but the day the hired Bill Callahan I lost all interest.

    The thing that made Nebraska special was their tough defense and their Power option attack.

    The Canes beat the breaks off of them in the National title game and they decided they can't win with that style of football anymore.

    IMO I disagree. I think you can still win with that style of football but I do feel like there needs to be more of a passing game involved with it too.

    This Taylor Martinez guy is fun to watch and has some serious foot speed.
  15. Rynie

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    Cape Buffalo (in Addison) is where all the Nebraska fans watch all the games. We go's FUN.
  16. switzersflask

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    Oh, so now you're back on the 'Braska wagon, huh? Miami just ain't doin' it for ya, huh? HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS! What about SC? Oh, wagon fail. lol. Oh well, I'm enjoying you're 0-2. Best believe I'm loving every minute of it.
  17. Randy White

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    fan has been a BOliever since the Pelini Bros came back to Lincoln. Former AD Pederson should have never let him leave in the first place, although as it turned out, it was the best thing that happened to him because the recruting connections he established while being the defensive coordinator for Oklahoma and LSU have become priceless.

    Taylor Martinez has shocked the Nation beyond words can describe. Just a few months ago, this kid was told that he was going to be given a " fair shot " at the QB position, but that more than likely he'd probably end up playing safety.. The only reason why he chose N was because they were the only school who was willing to do that.

    Now look at him. I never thought I would see a bigger, faster, better passer version of Eric Crouch.

    Although we're still far from becoming a big time contender ( like Alabama and Ohio St ), we're getting closer. The O-line is becoming a dominating unit with each game they play. The defensive backfield ( and Dallas' scouts should pay attention to couple of guys there: Rickey Thenarse and Eric Hagg ) is now THE dominant unit of the defense. The D-line is coming along, especially baby Steinkuhler, but it's going to take time, and so will the LBs.

    On offense Niles Paul is a legit NFL caliber receiver. Reminds me bit of Anquan Boldin, only with more speed. I consider the 3 starting seniors on the O-line NFL caliber lineman, with DJ Jones having the most upside and Keith Williams the most ready of the three. All three should be guards in the NFL.

    The one thing I will be honest about is that I think their top 3 NFL prospects: Paul, Prince Amukamara and Crick are right now a bit too overrated by Scouts inc. Paul is the better player of all three, but even he is a work in progress. He tends to drop the ball once in a while, mostly because of lack of concentration, and he hasn't had that many passes thrown to him in college. Now, the upside ? the kid is a dynamic punt and even kick off returner ( so is Thenarse, by the way ) and if he ever figures out the neuances of an NFL receiver the way Boldin did, look out. Amukamara's size, strength and speed at the CB position ( 6'1, 210 lbs ) makes scouts drool ( Revis island body clone ), but he's a converted RB, meaning he's not a " natural " cover guy. Crick should be a solid DT in a 4-3 D, but I wouldn't spend a #1 pick on him at this point. He's going to have to show more than what he's shown so far and to be honest, Steinkuhler has shown more potential than he has. Thank goodness he's only a Sophomore.
  18. Randy White

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    " Dodged " OU ? More like OU " dodged " them.. Texas might have started the OU downfall last year, but the Huskers nailed their coffin in Lincoln. They're still having Suh nightmares..
  19. switzersflask

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    Wow. Who has Nebraska played? Washington? You'd think they just dominated a gauntlet of top 10 foes by the way you guys talk. Seriously? How about we wait a few weeks into conference play before we crown them as the best on God's green earth.

  20. switzersflask

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    How did OU dodge them? OU plays them two years on, and two years off.

    Don't open your mouth unless you know what you're talking about. Nobody's dodging anyone, unless you wanna say Nebraska is Dodging OU and Texas, since those are the two teams that have dominated the conference for the past decade. Nebraska is the team running to another conference, not OU.

    And congrats to them and UT for defeating OU when OU was having it's worst season in the Stoops' era. UT was a "NC" contending team, yet got their ***** busted up and down the field by OUr defense.

    OU will win the Big XII this season and I have no doubt about that. And once again, you puny little whorn fans will fall right back into the woodwork once it's all said and done, and OU has it's 7th Big XII championship since Stoops got here.

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