Nebraska's Jared Crick Ready to Tackle Life Without Ndamukong Suh0

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    Nebraska's Jared Crick Ready to Tackle Life Without Ndamukong Suh0
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    9/03/2010 1:30 PM ET By Terrance Harris

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    Terrance Harris
    Senior College Sports Writer
    For a guy who would like nothing more than to blend in and go about his work, Nebraska junior defensive tackle Jared Crick can't escape the comparisons or the questions.

    How much easier was life on the Cornhuskers defensive lineman last season opposite one of the most dominant defensive linemen in recent memory? What will it be like now that Ndamukong Suh is gone? Can Crick command similar attention from opposing offensive lines as Suh did with constant double teams?

    You would think it would be near impossible to cast a shadow that would engulf Crick's massive 6-foot-6, 285 pound frame, but Suh managed to do so and to some degree still does despite now playing for the NFL's Detroit Lions.

    Crick, however, doesn't seem to bow to the questions or even the high expectations that are being thrust upon him as life without Suh begins in earnest Saturday when the Huskers open their final Big 12 season.

    "It's something I have to prove to myself," said Crick, who's team opens the season against Western Kentucky. "With Suh there or someone else, I've still got to do my job no matter what, my job comes first. As long as I do my job and everybody else does their job, we are going to be fine.

    "Whether Suh is there or not, I've still got to do my job. That's the way I take it, if I do my job then everything is going to be fine."

    But the belief is Crick may be able to do his job better than anyone at any position in college football this season. Thus, he was deemed the best college football player -- period -- this preseason by the Sporting News.

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