Need a DT -- Pass rushing DE's are overrated

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rpatricc, Jan 16, 2014.

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    the obvious fly in the ointment is this year Hatcher was by far our best pass rush threat and it meant diddly squat to stopping the pass.

    dallas needs to add quality DL wherever it can.

    truly good DL can often play 2 or more spots in a 4 man DL. Just find guys that can play then worry about lining them up.
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    I see Dominating DT's as a lynch pin in todays NFL. As teams incorporate a Wilson, a RGIII, a Keopornick (sp) a Newton.........and show the read option, a pair of DT and LBrs that can take away the gash up the gut and yet get to the QB. Even teams with a pocket passer----right in his face is the quickest path to stop the 3 step drop routes.

    Teams have gone to a running QB as the speed in the NFL increases, and as draft status and contract size for conventional pocket QB skyrockets. A man to man defense can account for everyone, keep a FS deep ......except for when there is a QB who is fleet of foot as a threat
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    The problem I saw was that on many plays, the QB didn't have to step up into the pocket. Ware was running too far up-field and didn't force the QB to step up.
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    with his quad problems and others, Ware was unable to change directions quickly. Before he could turn on a dime and give change while he was working the QB. Not lately.

    You need both pressure up the middle and pressure from the sides. The idea is to NEVER let the QB get comfortable; make him constantly move around. But it is true the best pressure is up the middle= you want to see Brady look like a scrub get someone in his face real fast.
  5. jterrell

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    The only true DT that had a better pass rusher rating than Hatcher last year on a by game basis were Suh. McCoy and Geno Atkins.

    Hatcher isn't pushing any pockets; he is simply sacking the QB.

    So Dallas isn't getting better there no matter whom they draft in all likelihood.
    Now Hayden had zero pass rush productivity; literally they scored at 0.
    So you could add a 1T that gets some push and help there with a pocket push.

    A guy like Hageman should be able to do much more than Hayden and might be there at mid round 2. Or we can hope.
    Big bodies with any athleticism at all go higher than they rate almost always.
  6. big dog cowboy

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  7. xwalker

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    I know someone like Broaddus mentioned 1-tech, but it seems that a player that was practicing DE last off-season would be a 3-tech DT if he moved from DE to DT.
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    I like the idea of adding a 1 tech DT early in the draft. Hayden is good depth at the position but as a starter, not ideal.

    Bass was playing good at 3 tech DT before he hurt his shoulder in camp and went on IR. Not ideal to rely on an undrafted unproven player there. He has potential though. Crawford could play some here but only in nickel most likely.

    The DE position is less concerning though needs attention also. Ideally Ware is restructured, Spencer is healthy and signs for cheap, Selvie comes back strong from surgery, Crawford as well, and that's 4 guys right there who are capable. Spencer would be the biggest question mark out of that bunch. Addressing the position in the draft when value is there is a good idea.
  9. jterrell

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    Yup, Crawford is SDE to 1T.
    Never heard him mentioned elsewhere.
    Could stretch him to WDE/RDE to get by a year ...maybe.

    But him being a 1T is basically a 2 minute/prevent defense.
  10. jterrell

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    BTW, I also think Crawford is why you just go draft the best 3-4 DL you can, regardless of DT/DE leanings.

    You can move Crawford and Bass about on the DL.
    Selvie, Ware, Hayden are what they are assuming they return but you can add either an Ealy or Tuitt and be ok, IMHO.

    Hageman would be really nice in r2 as the new 1T.

    SDE: Ealy, Selvie Crawford
    3T: Crawford, Bass
    1T: Hageman. Hayden
    WDE: Ware, Ealy


    SDE: Crawford, Selvie
    3T: Tuitt, Bass
    1T: Hageman, Hayden
    WDE: Ware, Selvie

    Either work IMHO.
    Not sexy or special but legit NFL DLs.

    What makes either work is getting good rookie players, not where they rookies play on the DL imho.
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  11. Picksix

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    So, would you take a 350lb guy like Nix if he were available, knowing that he doesn't really fit the type of DL Marinelli typically has?
  12. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Crawford will be moved inside to play the position Hatcher filled. I think he'll be a very good 3 technique!
  13. big dog cowboy

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    Solid thinking. Draft your board for DL regardless of position. Just get the best guy and go.
  14. Hoofbite

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    I think I'd rather have the outside pressure. They hit the QB more often and RBs can basically run away from DTs. Many of the DEs now are quick enough to prevent that from happening. Ware made a few plays on the backside of runs to the other side of the field.

    I also think you get more favorable matchups with DEs. Can't recall any TEs lining up over a DT and trying to block him. Teams can also more easily double up on a DT because they have a lineman on either side of him. If you're going to double a DE you have commit that extra blocker, taking a receiving option off the field.

    Beast DE or beast DT. Go with who hits the QB more.
  15. noshame

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    Find me a "big cat" added to Hatcher and we'll be fine.
  16. VACowboy

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    Yeah. This sums up my opinion exactly. If a guy can rush the passer he can rush the passer. I'll find a spot for him.

    Not too long ago athletic outside pass rushers like JPP were the rage. The League countered by drafting more athletic OT's. I think that's some of what we're seeing.

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