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Need Advice on my Team

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by TunaCaserole, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. TunaCaserole

    TunaCaserole Member

    78 Messages
    3 Likes Received
    Just finished our draft tonight. I'm in a 12-team league with an 18 man roster. League rules state that you can only carry a max of 6 Wr's and 6 RB's and must keep 2 DEF/ST and 2 K on your roster all year long. I had the 11th pick.

    QB's - Chris Simms, Jon Kitna, Josh McCown (last pick in 18th Rd).
    RB's - Cadillac Williams, Chester Taylor, DeAngelo Williams, Duce Staley, Mike Anderson
    WR's - Steve Smith, Reggie Wayne, Darrell Jackson, Brandon LLoyd, Kevin Curtis, Jason Witten
    Def/ST -- Cowboys (the Homer Pick), Patriots
    K - Mike Vaderjagt, Matt Bryant

    This is a keeper league and we only carried one player over this year from last year. My keeper was Cadillac. Next year we will carry over two players. I picked up Chester Taylor in the first round and then WR's Steve Smith and Reggie Wayne. Simms in the 4th.

    Pick me apart and tell me what you think!
  2. Smith22

    Smith22 Well-Known Member

    5,943 Messages
    320 Likes Received
    Not thrilled with your QB or your RB's (after Willaims), but you look good everywhere else.

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