Need Advice on New D* HD Pricing for Sunday Ticket

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by lspain1, Jun 11, 2005.

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    Guys, I'm getting my brand new HD setup in a couple of weeks. Since I live away from the center of the sports universe (DFW :D ), I am forced to live with the NFL ST to satisfy my cravings for the NFL Network and the Cowboys. I would like some advice as a new subscriber to ST and HD all at once on how to deal with D* to reduce the HD surcharge for ST being added this year.

    Maybe the infamous Hugh Jass could step forward with some sage advice in this arena? :rolleyes: Actually, any advice would be appreciated.
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    The way I understand it is you pay for Sunday Ticket, which if it's your first time you're going to pay like $230. Then you pay $99 for the superfan package which gives you the HD games along with some other little goodies.
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    I have the HDTV system, and the NFL Sunday Ticket... last year, there was no extra charge for the high def package, but there was one little catch-- any game that was on your "local" stations was blacked out on high def...

    Before I pony up that extra hundred bucks this year, DirecTV is gonna have to tell me there will be no more blackouts of high def games... my "local" stations are the DC area channels, and they tend to carry the Cowboys games whenever the Skins aren't on... this means that even when the Boys were available in high def (not every game played is available in high def each week), I didn't get to see them, way too often...

    All that said, the high definition feed is just AWESOME, particularly on the AFC broadcasts (Fox uses a little different, somewhat less impressive version of high definition, one of the tech heads in here could explain it to you)...

    That's the way football ought to be watched-- big screen and high definition... you even want to run the sound through your surround sound system... it's almost like being at the game, only the beer's a LOT cheaper...

    But once again, from where I sit, unless they've changed their blackout policies, the new hundred buck package isn't worth it... you might be able to see the Cowboys in high def 3-5 times a year...
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    Here is a word of advice.. I live in Philadelphia, but I called DirecTV and told them that I can't get the HD reception on my local channels with a reception (it was a white lie - I can). Because of that, they turned on the HD national channels only.

    So, this season, if the Cowboys are blacked out on HD, and they're not playing on the locals in HD, there's still a relatively good chance they'll be on the National Channels (New York).
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    Well prior to last season FOX was using an EDTV signal in 480p (p for progressive). This year they switched to 720p, which IMO is the better format for sports than the 1080i (i for interlaced) that CBS uses. Unfortunately it's harder on the TVs, so you're more likely to find a 1080i machine than a 720p. As a result, a lot of the 1080i sets are incapable of showing 720p and have to convert it, causing a loss of some clarity in the process. A set that can do 720p can do 1080i as well, because 720p requires a higher scan rate. I think all sports cshould be broadcast in progressive format, but that's just my personal opinion.
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    There seems to be lots of argument over the merits of 720p vs 1080i and the latest rage 1080p on AVS Forum. My dream system, getting installed next week, is a 62" Mitsubishi DLP (720p native), Denon 3805 Receiver, Sonus Faber Concerto Speakers, Velodyne Subwoofer, with a separate Niles Audio amp for the lanai, master bedroom and master bath. The wife insisted on a Lord of the Rings Remote (One remote to rule them all and in the darkness bind them) so we're getting the Pronto Pro Remote. I'm getting the HD D* Receiver plus a Winegard Square Shooter for OTA reception (not sure this is going to work). I'm spending a mint so the HD fee seems like small change. I pay more for broadband internet to the house and seems like the same principle. Sunday Ticket is the icing on the cake.
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    Yeah, they argue a lot of stuff like that on the AVS forum. They are very passionate about their video. That's where I've learned the little I know about audio and video stuff. I've been a member of that forum for 4 years and I have less than 100 posts. I just don't know enough to contribute. But it's good reading, and I learn a lot (for me).
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    omg......well this is irrelevant but my family is getting time warner cable and guess nfl contract!so no nfl sunday ticket.....well until i move out

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