Need advice on son in sports:

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by twa, May 16, 2004.

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    Have a 17 yr old that loves foot ball.He has had 2 ACL surgeries in 1 year.He has finished rehab yet again andwishes to play football again for his senior year.He has fully recoveredand competed in baseball ,track and swimming &diving.I am extemely worried but do not want deprive him of opportunity.......ANY suggestions.
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    uhhhhh, I'm not a Doctor... but i DO play one with any college coed's that'll let me get away with it....!!! :p
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    I think he would like the coed part as well. ;)
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    Its a tough situation I'd say, I know there was a guy on my team who tore his ACL his junior year, came back and then tore the other knee his senior year 2 games into the season. Thats obviously the far end of the spectrum, but I think if he wants to play badly, its going to be hard to step in and tell him no, seems like you almost have to let it be his decision.

    I can say that from experience, I tore up my back my junior year and my mom tried to stop me from playing my senior year. However I was able to get medical clearance and she finally reluctantly agreed. Unforuantely my back is still bothering me 3 years later :(
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    I think as the Father at some point you have to just step in and say enough is enough. I dont have any kids, and I wouldnt be overprotective either, but who knows how much this will plague him the rest of his life. You dont want him walking around with a limp forever, or having extreme problems later on in life just because he wanted to play ball.
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    I'm in the middle of rehabbing from acl surgery as well right now so I'm envious of your son who's been able to rehab so quickly ... oh to be 17 again. Personally, I wouldn't deprive him of the opportunity to continue playing if that's what he truly wants to do. Everyone keeps telling me that I shouldn't go back to doing the things I was doing before and that's BS, if you ask me. I enjoyed them before and will soon again - same with your son. I would urge him - if he doesn't already do so - to wear a protective brace on the knee(s) that's been injured just to help stabilize it. Although it won't do anything for a direct shot to the knee, it does tend to work fairly effectively against planting wrong, etc.

    It's ultimately a decision that you have to make with your son's best interest at heart - and hope that third time's the charm.

    Best of luck with your decision. Hope it works out for you.
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    I say if sports can open the door for him to do things he couldn't do otherwise, point him in the direction that will allow that to happen. If college sports can help your child to get into a school he couldn't get into and/or help him to get some or all of college paid for, have him do it. Even if he doesn't become a pro athlete he will be exposed to so many new ideas and people that he will have a far better chance of success in college and possibly find something else he has a passion for. He be better because of it. Look at it as a means to an end. Of course if his grades are good and you have the proper resources, getting into the school of his choice won't be a problem...
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    I would sit down with your son. Get the doctor involved. Weigh the pros and cons with him. As mentioned above, ensure that he is aware of the possible long term effects. Then, let him make the decision. In my opinion, he is at the age where such decisions should be his own. All you can do is hope you did a good job as a parent and he is level headed about the situation. He will respect you for this and will be a huge step toward his adult development. Good luck to you.
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    You have to let him decide and support him in it. If you deprive him of football when he really wants to play it he will resent it, even if you have his best interests in heart.
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    let him're only young once...two surgeries already...if he gets medical clearance, it's not like another injury would make his future life on it any worse than it already will be.
  11. Doomsday101

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    If he really wants to play then let him.
  12. twa

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    THanks for your thoughts,bye the way he's already participating in off season program.I guess it is a parents job to worry we have to let them live their lives but his mother is NOT happy.PS:good luck on the rehab old man :)

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