Need help or advice. How can I record 2 shows at once for the NFL Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. cowboyjoe

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    Not sure where to post this but seeing if anyone can give me advice on how to set this up, possibly with what I have.

    I have consolidated dvr, that only records one show at a time. They are coming out with new software June 18th to record 2 shows at once, but you have to watch at least one.

    I have consolidated dvr, a magnavox vcr/dvd box to record and play dvds/vcr movies etc..

    I have a entone box, black that shows the channels, with a silver entone dvr box that only records one show at a time

    I would like to record Espn NFL Draft and NFL Network Thursday to Saturday. Is there a cheap way I can do this?

    Techical support told me I could get another dvr silver box, not sure how much it costs though. Or how to hook it up.

    Trying to go the cheapest way I can if possible. Any suggestions or advice?
  2. bsheeern

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    How many TVs do you have joe? Do you have cable or sattellite?
  3. trueblue1687

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    Joe, it sounds like your only choice is to have your VCR hooked to one TV, your DVR to another and let 'em fly. I'm not sure what an entone box is, so I'm just giving a best guess. I use directv and the dvrs I use let you record 2 shows at once provided you are watching one of them (read that as having the channel set to one of the shows to be recorded, so you don't have to actually have the set on of course).

    Like you already suggested, you could always get another dvr, or one that does two shows at once (probably will need a 2nd cable run in too...maybe). that won't be the cheapest I'm sure though. Hope you get it the way you want and enjoy the draft!
  4. CATCH17

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    USually you can record 2 shows at 1 time if you don't turn the channel.
  5. Kangaroo

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    Get ATT Uverse problem solved
  6. Mr Cowboy

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    If you have Direct TV, you need to have their full home package so that you can record more than one channel. This service, of course, is not cheap. I have it, but I had to call Direct TV and threatend to cut the service and they threw this service in for free if I stayed.
  7. Future

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    Yep...might just be a cable thing though. I used to do it often when I had Time Warner.
  8. Everson24

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    I think you will have to record one channel on the VCR and one on the DVR. I have three Directv DVR's in our house and it's a good thing too this weekend. There is going to be a huge three day draft party at my house and most of the DVR's will be needed for recording anything draft related and my wife recording Reba and The Nanny.
  9. Zaxor

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    the cheapest way is to call a friend have him tape one while you tape the other and than you all can swap
  10. cowboyjoe

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    1 tv. digital cable, through consolidated service in lufkin texas
  11. cowboyjoe

    cowboyjoe Well-Known Member

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    ok guys, ive got it hooked up to 2 tvs, now how do i record it for 2 channels

    I just have 1 vcr/dvd recorder and 1 dvr

    i am thinking i could record 1 channel on dvr
    then record other channel i am watching on vcr/dvd magnavox box-

    going to give it a test run this afternoon
  12. bsheeern

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    That will work as long as you don't have both tv's hooked up to the same cable box.

    Meaning if your coax cable coming out of your wall is running to your directly to you cable box then only 1 channel can be watched/recorded per box unless you have a multi room dvr.

    You'll either need a splitter or a second cable box. Splitter might or might not work depending on if your cable broadcast signal is digital or not. Some tv's have a digital tuner/converter inside them.
  13. cowboyjoe

    cowboyjoe Well-Known Member

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    ;) I used a splitter, its working, yeah, now i can record 2 movies when i want to, till consolidated get their software upgrade to record 2 movies
    but now i can record nfl network and espn nfl draft both
    granted i have to watch 1 channel throughout, till finished with recording other one, but hey, its working, thanks guys

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