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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dmoore, Mar 29, 2008.

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    I know there were some changes planned to the draft, but I wasn't sure if they actually were implemented. If anyone knows what time the draft starts day one, and how many rounds it will cover, it'd help me out a lot. I graduate from college that day, and I'm hoping that I can still be able to watch as much as possible. I'd much rather stay home and watch the draft, but I have to walk because my family wants me too. I haven't missed a draft since 2000. I've looked on and ESPN, and couldn't really find it. Thanks in advance.
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    It starts at 3pm EST on Saturday...only rounds 1 &2...they cut the time for rounds one and two from 15/10 mins each to 10/7 each...rounds 3-7 will be Sunday and still have 5mins each

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    Thanks a lot man. I think I might unfortunately miss the end of round one, but at least there will be more for me to watch on day 2.
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    real men watch day 2.
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    real men with no lives.

    What hurts the most, is trading down. Even if its the right decision.

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