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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by neosapien23, Oct 29, 2013.

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    Yeah I know, its mighty early for a mock and there is still a lot of season left. However it is evident that Dallas's biggest needs are Oline and Dline, as bad as the Dline has been at least Bass and Crawford are coming back next year. The interior Oline needs two new starters.

    So here it is:

    Round 1 with a trade down Dallas gets an extra 3rd round pick.
    Dallas pulls a Travis Federick and takes either Cyril Richardson or Gabe Jackson. Both would help solidify the Oline even though they might be viewed as slight reaches. Dallas will have to take whoever is still on the board because of a trade down.

    Round 2 Aaron Donald
    He is a bit small but gets after it. Already has 8 sacks from the DT position. Would be perfect as the 3 tech.

    Round 3 Best Available Guard. There is always a few guards that fall. Most likely La'el Collins would still be here. If not Dallas can always get someone like Tre Jackson.

    Round 3 Best Available DE. There is always some pass rusher that falls that no one thought would be there. Whoever it is Dallas needs to jump on them. I bet Jackson Jeffcoat would still be here. He is a little undersized and needs to put on weight.

    Round 4 Don't know who will be the best FS available but Dallas should take the best one on their board. We would have been able to take one earlier if our Oline and Dline didn't suck so much. I think the best available FS would be Josh Harvey-Clemons.
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    G-DT-G-DE? I like the idea of investing in the trenches, but I think taking two guards in the first three rounds is not only something Jerruh would never do, but just not practical.

    If its me, I'm trying to go passrusher in the first, either DT or DE, and then get the best G and another DL in the next two rounds.
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    It's gonna be very interesting which way the 1st pick goes - all season (well, since the last draft actually finished) I have believed that D-line HAD to be the first pick in this draft, and another player later 4th, 5th rd. Now, with Waters out, I am not so sure which way to go. In another thread during camp I said we were one more draft away from a good team - now, I'm not sure if we can even accomplish that ! We seam to still have multiple holes to fill, D-line and O-line are the must haves. But I still think Safety needs a higher drafted player, we're gonna need another corner. Not sold on our running backs. As always - will be very interesting to follow. Right now, I think I would lean towards an O-lineman like Richardson in the first, and hope one of the under-performing DT drops into our lap in 2nd. A variation could be if someone like Marvin Austin does produce the rest of this season, maybe take a safety in 2, and another D tackle in 3 ?
    I know it's still way too early - but with the sour taste in my mouth after Sunday's debacle, at least thinking about another solid draft keeps me from wanting to punch out evryone who says - its a process ! I love our team, but sometimes man, I hate our team...
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    We need at least one guard that can step in and start. That means round one or two in all reality.
    We need help on the D line as well. We need a pass rushing DE and if one is there in either first two rounds we have to go there. Honestly I would go with DE and then G in the first two rounds and then DT in round 3.
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  5. dart

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    DL - OL - FS - DE - WR
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    The top 2 Guards, Richardson and Jackson, most likely get drafted before the Cowboys original pick. It's highly unlikely that they can trade down and get one of them unless the Cowboys are going to lose all remaining games.
  7. supercowboy8

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    We drafted a FS in the 3rd last year.

    First four rounds need to be the following in amy order.

    I would love to be able to get 5 picks in the first 4 rounds
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  8. dart

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    we did who was that ?
    JJ Wilcox plays as a SS I thought our FS was Church ?
  9. supercowboy8

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    Yeah your right but we also just gave church a contract extension last year. I dont care for church but the extension I doubt he goes anywhere. I also think church would be best at SS. Also this draft isn't very deep at safety this year.
  10. visionary

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    just one change
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    At the half way point of the 2013 season it is clear the Cowboys needs are DT, RB, any safety, G, DT
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    Church contract was a great extension. it paid him some money but nothing to say the team is married to him to be the starter. they pay him basically around 1.4 mil a yr

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