NEPatriot:A Scout’s Take: 15 Thoughts on the 2012 NFL Draft

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    A Scout’s Take: 15 Thoughts on the 2012 NFL Draft

    1) I wouldn’t be surprised if Baylor WR Kendall Wright ends up being the #2 WR off the board and being selected as high as the top 10. I can’t see him passing Justin Blackmon for the top WR spot, he will keep getting closer to him as the draft process moves on. With Blackmon is likely to go off the board somewhere in the top six in my opinion. That leaves the WR needy Jacksonville Jaguars who sit there at #7 with a decision to make. Do they go with a WR and if so which one. I think Wright will be in the discussion there.

    2) Alabama S Mark Barron is expected to miss at least the next four to six weeks while recovering from double hernia surgery. I doubt this will do much to hurt his stock. The safety position in this year’s draft is so weak that Barron is the only safety to even garner consideration for the first round. With so many teams needy of an impact safety, Barron will still get consideration at the end of round one. For a player that has four years of game film in the SEC on him, the combine wasn’t likely to change Barron’s stock a whole lot.


    4) People ask me all the time who I consider the “safest pick” in this draft to be. That’s easy for me, it’s Stanford OG David DeCastro. DeCastro, as Mike Mayock would say, is a “plug and play” OG. Plug him in there day one and he will be a pro bowl starter for the next 10 years. It isn’t sexy to take an OG high in round one, but if you can solidify one position on your roster for the next decade with pro bowl talent you have to take the chance. DeCastro could be the first player drafted as an OG to break the top 10 of the draft since New Orleans took Chris Naeole at pick ten in the 1997 draft.

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