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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CowboyFan74, Jul 19, 2009.

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    About 2.5 months ago we cancelled all our premium channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc) and decided to give Netflix a shot. We started with the free trial where u get 3 dvds at a time (Unlimited) and then when the free trial was up we went with 2 dvds ($15/mo) at a time (Unlimited.) So far it's been pretty good and the turn around is relatively fast as well but just like regular tv, eventually there is nothing left to watch.:(

    So we are starting to dig up older movies that we missed or just never got around to seeing. Got any recommendations?:confused:

    It just seems like this decade has been weak for movie selections as we've discovered in the other, "Movie of the decade thread...":(
  2. big dog cowboy

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    We hit the Redbox machine. Saves a ton of money, is super fast, and you don't feel ripped off it you get a stinker. For example, last night we got What Happen In Vegas and Mall Cop. Vegas was funny but Mall Cop started slow and never got better. But all that cost was $2 and a 6 mile drive to McDonalds and back home. In two or three weeks, we will get a couple of more movies.
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    Take a look at Running Scared.

    Yes, I know it has Paul Walker who is a completely garbage actor but this movie is pretty good. Its a pretty violent movie but it is really good.

    Suicide Kings is good. I really like Christopher Walken so its a good movie, IMO. Speaking of Walken, check out Rundown with The Rock. I thought that movie would be trash but The Rock is a decent actor.

    Theres are pretty old movies but ones I never thought much of until I had seen them a while ago.
  4. Hoofbite

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    Check out

    Codes for free rentals. Well, at least 1 night anyway.

    Try this code next time you go.

  5. Yeagermeister

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    The Rundown was pretty good and any movie with Rosario Dawson is a plus. :D
  6. Rustinpeace21

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    i love netflix...theres also a watch instantly feature, where you can watch a huge selection of movies/tv shows instantly on your computer, or if you have an xbox360 you can watch it on your tv.

    Me and my girlfriend watched all 3 seasons of heros in about a month its awesome, no commercials, no wait between episodes....its bassically on demand...but with a much bigger just need a watch instantly device
  7. ChldsPlay

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    I'm waiting for BluBox where they carry Blu-Rays. I hope they come out with those soon. Until then I'll have to stick with Blockbuster.
  8. vta

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    I'm going through the same thing you are, as a member of Netflix.
    There are plenty of older movies to catch hold of that Premium cable will never give the time of day and you can sift through that, but it does depend on what you like.

    My wife and I love horror so hitting the old 70's horror films was the first order of business.

    I rented the Sentinel, (not the new movie with the same title, starring Keifer Sutherland) an old 70's horror flick which was cool. Black Christmas is an old favorite and that worked. I love that movie, very creepy and steer very clear of the awful remake. The Changeling with George C. Scott is another good creepy one.

    I watch a lot of classics too. I just rented One Eyed Jacks, a Marlon Brando Western. Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which I love. I liked Rebecca, an old Hitchcock film with Olivier.

    Everything Kubrick is great in my opinion.
    Paths of Glory
    ; an amazing old war flick.
    Dr. Strangelove.
    The Killing
    ; a great old heist flick.
    A Clockwork Orange. Weird but I like it.

    You might have seen his more contemporary work, Full Metal Jacket, The Shining. 2001: A Space Odyssey If not, I definitely recommend them.

    Of the new stuff, we watched Quarantine(d?) which was not bad.
    The Descent is awesome and scary.

    I can't say enough about The Proposition. An awesome movie about Australia during British colonialism. I definitely recommend this flick.

    If I think of anything else, I'll post it.
  9. theogt

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    I had Netflix for a couple years and this is the problem I eventually ran into. I ended up just cancelling the service.
  10. Yeagermeister

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    If it wasn't for the series like The Sopranos, The Wire, Dexter, etc I would get rid of the movie channels.
  11. jksmith269

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    You should try Blockbuster's program, what I like about it, is you can turn the movies in at your local store and pick up ones from the store, and at the same time they still mail you the one's on your list so it's like you get 4-6 movies at a time...
  12. TheCount

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    Boy, that's putting it nicely. Mall Cop was positively a turd.

    I love my Netflix account, most of the top series from HBO and stuff end up on there anyway and you can just watch it instantly.
  13. ChldsPlay

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    They don't do it like that anymore. Now they count the ones you get from the store as one of the ones you have out and they will not send you another one from your queue until you return that one to the store. It's still helpful for getting another movie immediately at times and because in-store often has the new releases more available than online does.
  14. CowboyWay

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    For the first time in my life, I actually felt angry after watching that movie. It was so bad, I was upset with myself for actually watching it all.

    It shocks me that hollywood can put out trash like this. But we've only got ourselves to blame since the thing made a ton of money.
  15. big dog cowboy

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    Let's just pray there isn't a sequel.
  16. Duane

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    That's the bad thing. It made so much money that there probably will be a sequel.

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