Never Too Early... With the 18th Pick...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rpatricc, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. rpatricc

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    Any of these three would be fine with me:

    Chance Warmack may be the best offensive lineman at the college level. He is the complete package at guard. He has the bulk, power, and tenacity you want in a dominant run blocking guard, but he combines it with surprising athleticism and agility for a 320lber. Once he locks on to a defender, he can completely take them out of the play and consistently open up space in the running game. He also impresses on the move, showing the ability to block on the move and get to the second level. There really are no holes in his game, other than nitpicking as a prospect and saying he doesn’t have the classic body you see in a mid first rounder. His game and impact are well worth that selection however.

    Jonathan Cooper is right up there with Warmack as a prospect. He is dominant in both phases of the game and has the physical tools that project well to the NFL game. He is a very good pass blocker for a guard. He sets up quickly, has great balance, and has the strength to absorb the bull rush with ease. As a run blocker, he shows the ability to lock on to a defender and drive them into the ground. Cooper’s athleticism and agility allow him to pull and pick up moving targets. He should also hear his name called in the first round, just like Warmack, making this a very strong draft at the top for guards.

    Alabama’s Barrett Jones could play a number of positions in the NFL, but may project best at center. He has excelled at tackle, guard, and center at the college level, making him one of the more versatile prospects you can find on the O-Line. His size, intelligence, and toughness would allow him to play any interior line spot, and kick outside in a pinch. Nothing about Jones physically is going to jump out at you. He’s only a decent athlete at best, lacks the power to drive defenders off the line, and doesn’t have tremendous size. He does possess the skills you can’t teach however: football intelligence and toughness. Jones is always in the right spot, has tremendous awareness, and never gives up on a play. He won’t fit well in a power blocking scheme, but he has good quickness in a short area and his intelligence would be served very well at the center position. Jones may crack the end of the first round because he is a relatively safe pick that can start from day one, but is a lock for day two if he slides there.
  2. JakeCamp12

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    I would love to draft a starting center and starting cover safety...don't care what round, just get them and solidify the center of the field on both sides of the ball...
  3. WilmingtonHeel

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    Cooper can play center as well. Draft Coop and you have more versitlity.
  4. JoeyBoy718

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    I would go with Eric Reid FS at #18, and if Barrett Jones drops out of the first round, I would trade up 10-15 spots in the second round to get him.
  5. MagicMan

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    Would not shock me at all for Jones to trade down and pickup another 2nd in order to get more quality players in the first couple rounds. Don't know if it will be a smart move but if there are several OLmen there who are relatively similar, that would work. The sure-fire starters may go in the top 10-12.

    And I don't see him trading up. But I would go with the best available player at #18, regardless of position. The team needs any GREAT player the way these guys drop like flies at a picnic.
  6. supercowboy8

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    No, he has never played center. People just think he could not that he can. Barrett Jones has done both.
  7. RastaRocket

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    I would be very happy with any of these players. Hell, if we could somehow pull off Warmack in the first and Jones in the 2nd I'd be one happy camper. Talk about opening up the playbook.

    Not sure we get Warmack though.
  8. supercowboy8

    supercowboy8 Well-Known Member

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    If trade out the first we better get more than a 2nd and late picks.
    Depends on who is there but I would be all for trading back into the late first or early 2nd and adding another 2nd and or 3rd and a 1st next year.
    Then in next years draft you have ammo to trade two first round picks to get clowney.
  9. Chuck 54

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    Right now I think our #1 priority has to be NT if we're going to stick with the 3-4.

    We need NT, OL, S, DE/OLB, RB unless we resign Felix.
  10. xwalker

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    One game.

    After redshirting in 2008, he started 10 games as a redshirt freshman at left guard, earning Freshman All-American honors. Cooper made 13 starts as a sophomore in 2010 (12 at left guard and one at center) followed by 13 starts at left guard in 2011 as a junior.
  11. TheCoolFan

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    Best player available that plays on the OLine, DLine or edge rusher. Depending on how low they are on Sensabaugh, add safety to the mix, although I think they love Sensabaugh but he had a poor end to the season (even by his usual mediocre standards)
  12. JoeyBoy718

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    I want NT Jonathan Hankins out of Ohio State. 6'3" 320 pounds, a better pass rusher than Star Lotulelei, and has better size to play NT than Sheldon Richardson. Might have to trade a 2nd to move up to get him or hope that he falls to 18.
  13. Hailmary

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    Eric Reid is interesting. I don't think he's the best safety, but probably has the best measurables. So the question is, do you draft based on production or projection?

    Either way, a safety at 18 is too high considering all of our other needs. Especially this year when the safety position is so stocked. The prospects of Rambo and Lester falling to the 3rd round (without much drop off from safeties taken earlier) is mind boggling.
  14. mmillman

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    warmack is awesome. the best guard prospect since Hutchinson. I wouldn't mind Dallas manuevering to get him.
  15. JoeyBoy718

    JoeyBoy718 Well-Known Member

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    Yeah I agree. I think we can get a good guard in the 2nd and safety in the 3rd. I really want to go best D-lineman in the 1st. Our safety position will be better with a 3rd round rookie, Barry Church coming back, and a healthy Matt Johnson. It won't be elite but there will be more potential than this past season. And the O-line will be better with a 2nd round guard, a healthy Costa, and if we sign a big name free agent. Also, there are some decent true centers in the later rounds, 4th and 5th.
  16. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Chance Womack would be an ideal fit.

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