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    Aaron Rodgers QB California

    A complete gun-slinger is what the 49ers are getting in this pick, Aaron Rodgers has one of the best arms in all of college football and on top of that he's a winner, showing that when he almost knocked off the #1 team in the nation. Some say that Rodgers is a part of the Tedford system that produces good college QBs, but fail in the league, but he is the best Quarterback available at this point and it's the 49ers biggest need. If you look at all the major winning NFL teams, they all have a quality QB that led them there, not dissing these guys, but Tim Rattay and Ken Dorsey are not the ones that will get them back into the playoff hunt.

    Cedric Benson RB Texas

    The Dolphins' biggest need at this time is running back. With the departure of Ricky Williams, they acquired players like Lamar Gordon in hopes that someone would step up to be the next starter. No one has shown themselves as capable of doing so. Cedric is the top running back in the draft. He is a very powerful north-south runner with great moves and a powerful stiff-arm. He has excellent vision and exceptional leg drive. He can carry a load of defenders and could become one of the leagues elite backs.

    Alex Smith QB Utah

    Front Office and Management of the Cleveland Browns organization has a lot of thinking to do, and who to pick at the #3 overall selection. They could go for an offensive tackle which they need desperately, they could go for a cornerback because of the lack of depth and no real lockdown corner, or they could go for Quarterback. They have a minimal future with the Jeff Garcia/Luke McCown combo, and Garcia is slated to make big bucks the next three seasons. Alex Smith was an outstanding college Quarterback and scouts think that he could continue that production at the pro level, where he could even rise to the #1 pick.

    Mike Williams WR Southern California

    Mike is still the most talented WR in the draft. He is among the most talented players available for the draft, regardless of position, as well. The Bears have an impressive young receiver named Justin Gage for a deep threat. Adding a big play possession receiver such as Mike Williams will give their offense a solid template for success. His best asset is his physical style of play and his uncanny ability to change his body position in mid-air, seemingly, without effort. There are some questions about his speed, but a guy his size makes up for lack of speed with aggressiveness and strength. He could walk on to this team and be easily the best receiver in the locker room.

    Carnell Williams RB Auburn

    The Bucs may have found their match in the Cadillac himself. Jon Gruden is the head coach for the South Team at the Senior Bowl and he has been overly impressed with Williams there so far. Tampa Bay has a few needs that need to be addressed, but a feature back that is consistent is what they are really looking for. Michael Pittman is under contract for two more seasons in Tampa, and that could be the end of his stay there. If Carnell Williams plays his chips right, he could make some noise and contention for the #2 spot from the Phins.

    Alex Barron OT Florida State

    Alex Barron is easily the most talented OT prospect in this draft. He has good size and he has great strength. The Titans snag him at the sixth spot overall for those reasons. Brad Hopkins is an aging veteran whose retirement is imminent. Alex provides a solid starting prospect who can play either side of the line equally well. With all of his abilities and strengths as a pro prospect, he still lacks the ability to shut down his man 100% of the time. Therefore, we can't refer to him as a franchise offensive tackle prospect, and that is the only reason he slips from the top 5.

    Braylon Edwards WR Michigan

    The Raiders were inches from grabbing a receiver with the #2 pick of last years draft (either Roy Williams or Larry Fitzgerald), and instead they took Robert Gallery. The Raiders top receiver Jerry Porter is a free agent but all signs point to him coming back, but they have no defined #2 receiver. Ronald Curry and Doug Gabriel both stepped up their ability to produce big time for Oakland, but still neither one of them are worthy of a starting spot with no efficient running game. On note, Braylon Edwards has had atleast 1,000 yards receiving in the past three seasons, and seems to be a nice fit in the Norv Turner offense.

    Antrel Rolle CB Miami (FL)

    The Cardinals have enough holes on both sides of the ball for two teams. There are a number of ways they could go with this pick. QB is an option, but both Rodgers and Smith are already off the board. RB could be a viable pick, but Benson and Williams are both gone as well. Rolle is easily the best player available at this pick, and it also suits a team need. He is a lockdown corner who is well known for his physical style of play. He's a hard worker and, along with Jackson, Wilson, and Starks, could complete one of the most formidable secondaries in the league.

    Travis Johnson DT Florida State

    Before this season Travis Johnson was considered a 5th round pick, but after he put hard work and dedication in the weight room during the off-season, he is 6'4" and nearly 300 pounds but yet he can still run in the 4.88-4.92 range (which is very tough to do at that size). Travis also had an career-high 18 tackles for a loss and 50 tackles. The Hogs depth at defensive tackle is very weak, other than Cornelius Griffin they have a bunch of guys that would struggle to be on a roster. Johnson would provide a pass rush that most tackles don't, and could possibly solidify the Skins as having one of the best defenses in the NFL.

    Thomas Davis FS Georgia

    The Lions have to address their defensive needs this year. Brock Marion is a solid starter, but may be on his way to retirement. Terrence Holt is waiting in the wings for a shot to start at FS, but they still have no depth. Thomas is the type of player who can fill in the vacant SS position, or allow Holt, who's better in coverage, to play SS while he stays at free. Either way, Detroit gets a winner with the tenth overall pick. Davis is much better against the run, and he is an amazing tackler with the skills to play LB. Look for him to be off the board no later than the top 10.

    Derrick Johnson OLB Texas

    Being on of the better defensive players in Texas Longhorns history, Derrick Johnson has a bright future heading into the NFL. Johnson has impressive size and speed that would blend nicely in the AFC East. Bill Parcells' first season in Dallas, his defense was a force to be reckoned with, but this past season they fell apart and looked deceased. DJ would most likely take the spot of Al Singleton and solidify the Cowboys as having one of the better linebacker corps in the NFL.

    Marcus Spears DE Louisiana State

    Marcus Spears had a much higher grade before this season but he has too much talent to drop out of the first round in my opinion. Spears has the versatility to play either end of tackle in a 4-3 scheme, and could play end in a 3-4 scheme. The Broncos would love to have his overall run stuffing and pass rushing abilities. The Chargers have fewer and fewer team needs every year. Soon they will be the most complete NFL team in the league. The addition of a star prospect 3-4 defensive end like Spears will help their defense to reach the next plateau.

    Heath Miller TE Virginia

    Charlie Casserly drafted Bennie Joppru in the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft, but he has yet to even step on the field as a professional. Also Billy Miller showed lots of promise as the Texans future, but this past season he went through a major slump and played terribly (other than a few catches every now and then). Heath Miller is undoubtedly the best tight end in this draft class and could go much higher than 13th overall, but if he falls to the Texans, they will be very tempted to pick him. Another target for Carr makes the offense even stronger, potentially dangerous.

    Shawne Merriman OLB Maryland

    Shawne is one of the most amazing physical specimen in the Draft this year. He is 6'4" tall and 253lbs. He runs a 4.6 flat forty time and is built to last. He is immensely strong in his arms, legs, and chest. Similar playing style to that of current NFL star Joey Porter, he can navigate the field and locate the ball easily. He is a ferocious tackler and he is extremely competitive. He doesn't lack anything in the way of fortitude, and will not be out-done effort wise. Mark Fields has already stated publicly that this is his final season in the NFL. The Panthers will fill an immediate need with a capable prospect who has a ton of upside.

    Adam Jones CB West Virginia

    Pac-Man Jones is a player who has the aggressiveness to catch eyes of defensive coordinators. He also has good speed and can be a special teams threat. Jones could add immediate impact on a team like the Chiefs where they lack a true starting corner on the team. Also this could provide the opportunity to move Julian Battle to safety (another need they have) and still be very effective in the secondary.

    Anttaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin

    Anttaj was a very highly-touted player coming into the season. After being overshadowed by rising star, Erasmus James, his stock has taken a slight decline. He becomes a great fit for the New Orleans Saints because of his size and ability to reach the QB. A common criticism of the Saints organization is that they do not motivate their players to stay in shape (i.e. Jonathon Sullivan). However, Hawthorne is a great locker room presense and is very self-motivated in the weight room. The Saints fill their largest defensive need of the season in round one.

    Justin Tuck DE Notre Dame

    One guy that I think will rise up many boards after his Combine/Pro Day is this man, Justin Tuck. His production has been way too outstanding to not be a first round pick, and he has a terrifying size and speed combination. He is 6'5" 264 pounds and runs a 4.7. Marvin Lewis has already made it clear that he is going for defense this year, saying either a pass rusher or a run stuffer (Hawthorne is a major option here). Justin Tuck will be Duane Clemons replacement most likely for opening day, that is if Tuck is still available at this pick.

    Carlos Rogers CB Auburn

    The Vikings team needs are mostly along the defensive side of the ball this year. While they may elect to go in another direction here, Rogers is a hard talent to refuse. There are no solid defensive tackles worthy of this selection, and LB's can really be found in the later rounds of this draft. So they select the player most apt to start immediately for their team. Rogers is one of, if not, the best pure coverage corner in the draft. He is very fast and has the ability to adjust his body to the receiver very well. The Vikings get a solid defensive starter, a playmaker, and an excellent character in the locker room all in one pick.

    Dan Cody DE Oklahoma

    The absense of Grant Wistrom during last years offseason hurt the pass rush of the Rams big time. They showed a lot of promise in 3rd round pick Tony Hargrove, but not enough to hold down the starting position with ease. Mike Martz likes to rotate his DEs so they stay fresh the whole game, but with the depth at DE, he will be in trouble with who he has behind the starting lineup. Not to mention, Dan Cody is one of the best players overall in this draft, it's just his upside is limited in my opinion.

    Justin Miller CB Clemson

    The Cowboys second of two first round picks is likely to be help in the secondary. With the selection of Derrick Johnson earlier, they decide to add another playmaking talent to the defensive side of the ball here. Miller is a very versatile prospect who can play full-time CB at any level, as well as service special teams as the return man on punts and kicks. He's a good tackler, solid coverage man, and an explosive returner. This pick suits the Cowboys for more than one reason, and will fill one of the many needs this offseason.

    Erasmus James DE Wisconsin

    It''s not a secret that the Jaguars are looking for a starting defensive end in this years draft, after losing their two starters last year, Hugh Douglas and Tony Brackens. Right now their two starters that are pencilled in are Paul Spicer and Lionel Barnes, personally I think neither one of them are worthy of a starting spot in the league, but just quality backup positions, so its obvious they need help. Erasmus James had a great year this year, while teams in the Big Ten were frightened by the Wisconsin defensive line. James could shuffle all the way up to the number 9 position based on his workouts.

    Troy Williamson WR South Carolina

    Baltimore is in serious need of a playmaker on offense. They have a few possession receivers who are capable of making the intermediate catches. But what they are really lacking is a big-play WR. That's exactly what Troy can provide. He has been clocked at 4.39 seconds on his forty yard dash, and his vertical jump is nearly 37". This pick will give them the opportunities on the offensive side of the ball to effectively stretch the field. They have already confirmed that Mark Clayton is not the top WR prospect on their draft board.

    Ronnie Brown RB Auburn

    After making it clear that Shaun Alexander is heading out of town (most likely to Oakland), the Seahawks would have Maurice Morris as the starting tailback. I don't think that Maurice Morris is a bad running back, I just don't think he can take the load by himself in a team that is struggling in the passing game also. Ronnie Brown is alot like Shaun Alexander in his playing style, and has has the potential to be a top 5 overall selection with the size and speed combo that he possesses. If Brown didn't have to share carries with Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, he would most likely be the first running back selected.

    David Pollack DE Georgia

    Pollack has a storied history at the University of Georgia, as a playmaker. He's been described by some as the "Urlacher" of the defensive line. Green Bay has a prominent need on the defensive line, as they released Joe Johnson and Jamal Reynolds at the beginning of the season. Pollack provides a solid pass-rushing presence, as well as an apt run defender. He is an every down player who could easily develop into one of the leagues top defensive lineman. Green Bay would be able to plug him into a starting role, almost immediately.

    Shaun Cody DT Southern California

    Veteran end Trevor Pryce is rumored to be moving back to defensive tackle and Reggie Hayward is a highly coveted free agent this offseason. Shaun Cody's versatile style of play will make him a hot commoditty come April. He has is an interesting prospect with the size of a defensive tackle and the physical ability of a defensive end. He's played both with great success at the college level.

    Alex Smith TE Stanford

    Smith is a big-bodied TE with excellent hands. As a matter of fact, there may not be a more pure pass catching TE in the entire draft. He is a lurching 6"6" tall and about 260lbs. He has excellent speed, and does extremely well after the catch. The Jets may be interested in a few players at this point, but with the possibility of losing current starter, Anthony Becht, to free agency they may look to upgrade. Smith is a perfect fit for the west-coast style offense. His major strength is making the grab from short to intermediate range, and breaking open field tackles.

    Jammal Brown OT Oklahoma

    The Falcons need to add protection to their super stud Michael Vick, and Todd Weiner has held down the right tackle position very well, but Jammal Brown could come in and play either left or right tackle. Brown had a lot to do with the break out year of Jason White and the year following of Adrian Peterson. He has excellent feet for a man his size and has great handwork for a tackle, locking onto the breastplates and tying up defenders, could be something special in an offense like the Falcons'.

    Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma

    It's difficult to debate which receiver will be taken with this selection. The Chargers' biggest and most glaring offensive need is WR, and we have found that Mark Clayton is and will be the best fit. The Chargers have guys like Reche Caldwell and Eric Parker as deep threats, but they have no true possession receivers. No one that they can go to on underneath routes. No one who they can count on to make the important catch on third down. All of that responsibility was lain upon Antonio Gates in 2004. But in 2005, Mark Clayton will share that spotlight.

    Brandon Browner CB Oregon State

    Brandon Browner might not just be another Lenny Walls, a tall cornerback. Even though Browner is a full 6 foot 3, he has good ball skills and great recovery speed, making him a very intriguing prospect. On the other hand, the Colts were outstanding on the offensive side of the ball, and they hoped to say the same about their defense, but that didn't happen. They are in the NFC South which is an upcoming passing conference with David Carr, Byron Leftwich and Billy Volek, all potential gun slingers, so the Colts could use the depth and the potential here.

    Channing Crowder ILB Florida

    Hard to debate what direction the Steelers may go, but with Kendrell Bell slated for free agency this year, we figure Crowder is as good a bet as any. The Steelers defense is and always has been anchored by one unanimous trait. Excellent linebackers. Crowder is just another in a long line of linebackers to carry on this tradition. He is fast, smart, and he can tackle a tank. His excellent footspeed and awareness make him a perfect fit for the extremely fast defensive system in place in Pittsburgh. He is a guy that has potential to become the next Ray Lewis.

    Ciatrick Fason RB Florida

    The Eagles are one of the few teams this year without a big team need. Brian Westbrook can hold down a starting spot well as he's shown, but he Fason could be put in as a 3rd down back at times or even fill in when Westbrook is hurt. Fason was a terror in the SEC this year, rushing for almost 1,200 yards and almost 300 yards receiving. Even though I don't see Fason cracking the top three running backs (Benson, Williams, and Brown) I do see him rising a bit, because of his power and speed.

    Roddy White WR Alabama-Birmingham

    Any pick the Patriots make this April will simply be a drop in the bucket. WR is a need because of the fact that David Patten and David Givens will both be free agents. White is a good pick for the Patriots offense because he excels mostly in 10-15 yard range, and he has excellent character. He's a hard working prospect who has played extremely well in his senior season. The injury he sustained at the senior bowl may be the only thing holding this guy back from a top 15 selection, and we still have the combines to go.
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    I ll take Derrick Johnson and Troy WIlliamson please-

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the Lions will take DJ and we ll get Merriman instead-
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    We've got to pick up at least one LB in FA - preferably one who has played in a 3-4 defense.
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    this mock has the 'Boys taking Matt Roth-DE

    So according to this mock..
    #11- DJ-OLB
    #20- Justin Miller- CB
    #42- Matt Roth-DE

    With all the talk of Mike Williams and Braylon Edwards..... I just cant see them getting past Chicago or Oakland(unless they re-sign Porter). I cant really say that I have seen Miller play, but he does seem to be highly rated on most draft boards. I cant wait til the combine and pro day workouts to hopefully help clear this up some.

    Feb 19th starts the combine right?


    First Round | Second Round

    Updated: 2.1

    33. - Rian Wallace, OLB, Temple
    Rian Wallace has is an intriguing prospect because of his size and speed. Jeremiah Trotter is a free agent (most likely to return) and Mark Simoneau was forced to move to outside backer to start. Wallace would give the Eagles depth at Inside and Outside Linebacker.

    34. - Adam Terry, OT, Syracuse
    With the addition of a Quarterback, the 49ers are in desperate need of protecting him, but with Kwame Harris and Scott Gragg's ability shown last year, it will be a sight for sore eyes. Terry also has the versatility to play either right or left tackle, he would be a factor right away.

    35. - Marcus Johnson, OG, Mississippi
    Marcus Johnson is definitely being targeted by the Cleveland Browns, because he can play either Offensive Tackle or Guard. A four year starter that could very well rise up into the late stages of the first round. His size and athleticism will bring him more attention as we move onto the combine.

    36. - Elton Brown, OG, Virginia
    The Buccaneers has way too much money involved in their veteran offensive lineman, but two guards will be entering free agency this offseason, Cosey Coleman and Matt O'Dwyer, it's unlikely that they resign either. Elton Brown has shown lots of promise during his college career, could be a lot higher on the board if he could stay in shape.

    37. - Odell Thurman, ILB, Georgia
    Odell Thurman is a prospect that people aren't talking about much, because of being overshadowed by former teammate Thomas Davis. Thurman has a knack for being around the ball, during his junior year he had over 120 tackles and nearly 20 tackles for a loss, he could be a terror in Tennessee.

    38. - Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan
    With Charles Woodson and Phillip Buchanon most likely gone, the Raiders are more than likely to draft a cornerback within the first day, even if Ray Buchanan moves back to his natural position. Marlin Jackson has been a CB/S tweener, but is a three year starter in one of the best college football programs.

    39. - Vernand Morency, RB, Oklahoma State
    It is very clear that the Bears are going to let go of Anthony Thomas and Lovie Smith has already slated to the press that he is interested in having more of a two-back rotation, and that he will pursue a RB in the draft. Morency is the best back available and fits the scheme good, could possibly take the starting spot.

    40. - Ernest Shazor, SS, Michigan
    Shazor has been up and down draft boards all season, sometimes as high as a mid first rounder and as low as a third rounder. He has great size and is a good tackler, but the question is can he cover most tight ends in the league (now that they have more speed than ever), he could possibly even be moved to OLB.

    41. - David Baas, C, Michigan
    The Detroit Lions' offensive line has some holes that need to be filled. Their current Center, Dominic Raiola, is a free agent at the end of the year. Plus, David Loverne, OG, is not an adequate starter. Either way, hometown boy, David Baas is an excellent pick and suits an important need.

    42. - Matt Roth, DE, Iowa
    Free agent bust Marcellus Wiley looked to be best suited for the practice squad last year. Parcells had the chance to watch Matt Roth at the Senior Bowl and saw with his own eyes that he is one of the top defensive ends in the draft. Roth has a highly powered motor that is non-stop.

    43. - Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tennessee
    The Giants are hurting pretty bad in their LB corps. They signed Barrett Green in the 2004 offseason with hopes that he'd solidify the young unit. However, after a disappointing season, we expect the Giants to fill the biggest defensive need with their first pick.

    44. - Brodney Pool, FS, Oklahoma
    Brodney Pool led the Sooners in tackles this past season, showing that he loves to be around the ball. He also could have stayed for his senior year and been a first round lock, but was eager to get to the NFL. The Texans could move Marcus Coleman back to CB, and where a nickel back is needed, and have Pool and Marlon McCree battle for the FS spot.

    45. - Chris Henry, WR, West Virginia
    With rumors of Muhsin Muhammad leaving town, the Panthers may look to make an aggressive move early in the draft. Selecting Chris Henry this high may be a risk, but a calculated one at that. He is very similar to Muhammad in style and size, and could easily develop into a productive NFL receiver.

    46. - Charlie Frye, QB, Akron
    If Trent Green (35 years old) were to go down with an injury next year, the Chiefs would be stuck with Todd Collins as their starter. Charlie Frye could continue the tradition of the NFL-ready MAC QB's. Frye showed at the Senior Bowl why he should be drafted as the third QB.

    47. - Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn
    Jason Campbell is the ideal fit for Dennis Green's offensive scheme. He's got a big arm, and knows how to navigate the pocket to buy his receivers time downfield. The Cardinals' needs at QB are self-explanatory, as the chances of McCown starting next season are fading away.

    48. - Roscoe Parrish, WR, Miami (FL)
    It is more than likely the Bengals lose TJ Houshmandzadeh to free agency, and they lack the third receiver that they need for the passing orientated offense that they run. Roscoe Parrish will help himself big time at the scouting combine, most likely running a 4.40 or better.

    49. - Josh Bullocks, FS, Nebraska
    The Minnesota Vikings have problems defensively. They select defense in both of the first two rounds because that is the most urgent need. Brian Williams is a bit overrated and may be replaced soon. Bullocks is a very experienced player with good coverage abilities and adequate tackling skill.

    50. - Kyle Orton, QB, Purdue
    Brett Favre is almost 100% he will play another season, but the Packers need to bring in a young, talented QB for him to groom before he does retire. Kyle Orton has had many ups and downs during his career, but he was a definite gun slinger this past season, and would serve as a very good backup to Favre.

    51. - Bryant McFadden, CB, Florida State
    The Buffalo Bills have absolutely no depth whatsoever at the Corner position. Adding a player like Bryant McFadden in the second round (with their first pick) is the equivalent of adding a starter as far as they are concerned. McFadden is also very experienced and he is a very controlled coverage corner.

    52. - Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska
    Fabian Washington was the main piece to Nebraska's defensive puzzle, but with nearly all of them leaving this year, he decided it was time for him to go also. The Jaguars could use him and produce him into a good starter along side of Rashean Mathis. Also Washington's stock could rise after workouts at the combine, where he could be lethal.

    53. - Corey Webster, CB, Louisiana State
    Baltimore will be in the market for a starting CB this year, and Corey Webster is the kind of player that may be able to fill that repertoire. With Gary Baxter going off to explore free agency, expect the Ravens to explore their options in the draft. Webster is a thin, wirey player who plays very physical football.

    54. - Chris Colmer, OT, North Carolina State
    The Rams have the best starting tackle core in the whole NFL, but with Orlando Pace sight seeing and Kyle Turley hating Head Coach Mike Martz, they are indefinite about who will be there come next year. Colmer was one of the main reasons why people were hearing about T.A. McClendon, where he was a plow for him.

    55. - Barrett Ruud, ILB, Nebraska
    The Packers had some trouble stopping the run this year, and many seem to think that Nick Barnett is more well-suited to play on the Strong Side. They could easily look to address this early on in the draft, as the depth at MLB is not great this year. Barrett Ruud has been extremely productive and is a fierce competitor. He's got a lot of heart, but lacks coverage abilities.

    56. - Terrence Murphy, WR, Texas A&M
    Rod Smith's retirement clock is well and ticking as we speak, and while the Broncos tried to revamp their receivers by bringing in Ashley Lelie and Darius Watts, neither of them have been impressive enough to hold down a starting spot. Murphy isn't a red-zone threat, but he has all the signs to be a good pro.

    57. - Chris Canty, DT, Virginia
    The Seahawks are attempting to rebuild their once-solid defense. They started last year by selecting Tubbs in round one, and now they need to complete their d-line. Canty was hurt for a good part of the season, but his upside and natural physical abilities will assure that his fall is a short one.

    58. - Mike Nugent, K, Ohio State
    The Jets had a heartbreaking season due to the cause of their kicking duties, and I doubt Herm Edwards will let that happen again. Brien is 34 years old and I just can't see him coming back to New York. Nugent has been one of the best kickers to come around the draft in the past few years, will be solid.

    59. - Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington
    The Chargers, once again, have potential to lock up one of the most complete drafts in the NFL. They do so by addressing needs at appropriate times. So far, they've added a starting DE, a great possession receiver, and now they fill another hole with Khalif Barnes from Washington. Barnes is quickly shooting up the boards, even after missing a few games with injury this year. Keep an eye on him because of his fluid footwork and excellent workout abilities.

    60. - J.J. Arrington, RB, California
    The rushing part of the Colts trio, Edgerrin James could be gone after the season, where he is eyeing a return to his former hometown of Miami. They are very low on RB's and could add a back like Anthony Thomas and still draft a shifty back. Arrington's stock fell a bit after a bad showing at the Senior Bowl.

    61. - Demarcus Ware, DE, Troy
    With new head coach Jim Mora Jr., the Falcons are going through a defensive transition time. They need to assign the right personnel for the new assignments of the 4-3 defense. Demarcus Ware provides a solid pass-rushing defensive end, which is a key component to any successful 4-3 base defense. He's fast and can penetrate to the ball with impressive awareness.

    62. - Ronald Bartell, CB, Howard
    A boom or bust pick here, Bartell will be a bit of a project for the Patriots, but he could also come into New England and show what MEAC football is all about. Bartell has great size and speed, but his awareness to locate the ball could be refined. Also getting pointers from a vet like Ty Law won't hurt him, that's for sure.

    63. - Mike Patterson, DT, Southern California
    The Eagles have numerous minor needs on defense, but none overbearing. Defensive Tackle will be a position they look into early on in the draft because Corey Simon is finally a free agent. Someone like Mike Patterson could come in early, learn the system, and be an effective all around defensive tackle within 2-3 years. He is undersized for his position though, and that may hurt his stock come April.

    64. - J.R. Russell, WR, Louisville
    Plaxico Burress says he wants Moss, Owens, or Chad Johnson type of money, and in return the Steelers will most likely tell him goodbye. J.R. Russell was very productive the past two seasons, receiving for over 2,000 yards. Russell also has good size and game speed, and doesn't drop many passes.
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    Why would the Lions take DJ when they already have Bailey and Lehman at OLB?
  7. ghst187

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    I think we may have a chance to draft DJ but if we're going to the 3-4 I think I like Merriman better. To get Merriman AND Spears in the first would be a coup.
    No thanks to Roth in the 2nd, i like Terrence Murphy, Williamson, David Baas, Hawthorne (if he falls) or best CB or OL available much better.

    Imagine picking up Baxter, Hartwell, and Demps or Smith at FS then drafting Hawthorne, Merriman, and Spears. A whole new defense with a playmaking, hard hitting LB corps, two DEs that can get to the QB, a run stuffing space occupying NT, two solid CBs, a pro bowl SS, and a ball-hawking FS.
    Add a RT and WR on offense and I'd be psyched for next season.
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    Yea that would be great...but what about the QB position? I can't bare to watch another year with Vinny....:banghead:
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    post of the day
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    Hopefully we will be watching him on the sidelines with a clip board...

    BTW...welcome to the board!

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