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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DFlo, May 12, 2013.

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    Hi guys, for those of you interested, I've put together an early look at some of the top prospects of the 2014 NFL Draft. Ideally to just get an idea of who to look for in this upcoming College season. Let me know what you think

    2014 NFL Mock Draft

    *The order was determined by the Vegas Superbowl odds as of last week
  2. RS12

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    I dont want rain all over your parade because that looked like alot of work but I dont see the Cowboys drafting a Safey round 1, I dont see them drafting in the 20's. I dont see Garrett surviving to the next draft. As far as some of the other picks, I do believe Bridgewater goes number one. Boyd over Clowney is another story.
  3. DFlo

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    What kind of needs do you guys have? I figured safety was the way to go since this wasn't really addressed last year
  4. JonJon

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    Well safety was addressed this year with JJ Wilcox in the third round. The team is high on him for a potential future starter along with last years fourth rounder, Matt Johnson, so I doubt the Cowboys go high with a safety next year.

    The Cowboys will probably look to the interior next year with needs at the G, OT, and DT positions.
  5. xwalker

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    I think DL. Is the highest probability for the Cowboys next year. DE specifically if Spencer does not get re-signed.
  6. dogberry

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    If I'm remembering correctly, Jerry said his dream died with the sixth pick. That looks like he wanted an offensive tackle to fall.

    We may have answered every question on the roster, but I'd still guess we will need OL and DL in 2014. A new, cheaper, five year contract DE would be nice (to tag along with xwalker).
  7. DFlo

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    6th pick? Meaning Mingo?
  8. MDHQ

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    Absolutely. :bow: Would love to see the Boys pick up a DE, according to my research there will be some good ones in the draft.
  9. xwalker

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    The write-ups are very good.
  10. jterrell

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    I really like the pick for Dallas there.

    Safety is probably our least talented spot on this football team.

    That's a really good safety there and he fits what Kiffin likes to do with playmaking guys that can hit and cover ground.

    We may have needs at OG/OT/DT/DE as well but that depends on contract statuses and my guess is Jerry will resign the guys Monte/Marinelli like.

    Safety is a huge need unless we see miraculous growth.

    I am not a big fan of the overcoloring in the picks blocks. Very hard to read some of them. Maybe a little more background color and a little less in the selections fields.

    Good first effort for sure and best of luck with it.
  11. jterrell

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    safety and dl were short-listed 2 years ago.
    safety, int ol this year.

    i think we see safety on any short list again... unless matt johnson, barry church and wilcox show us something special. not holding my breath there. will allen isn't a long term answer.

    dl depends on resignings; especially hatcher and spencer.
    but i expect spencer to be resigned before next year.
    they may need to see him a bit in that 4-3 but that starts in OTAs.

    resign him then handle sean lee. I won't even bring up dez because that is going to cost us.
  12. DBOY3141

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    If it fell that way, I go with Yankey from Stanford. I don't think safety will be a need after this year.

    Church, Johnson, Wilcox, Hamilton - two of them will emerge by the end of the year to form our safety duo for the next 4 to 5 years.

    Yankey could start at RG and grow into the RT if Parnell doesn't pan out, if he does then we are set on the O-Line.


    300 plus days and we will find out.

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