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new CNN polls

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by dbair1967, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. dbair1967

    dbair1967 Arch Defender

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    Some pretty interesting stuff. McCain is now within 5pts in New York, the margin of error was 4%. He's within 3pts of Obama in PA, and the margin is 3%. He's within 4% in Michigan and the margin is 3%. It's close in Ohio and Indiana, but McCain leads in both.

  2. Aikbach

    Aikbach Well-Known Member

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    It's all us red neck, gun toting, Bible thumping, pro life racists, we are waving our Rebel flags all the way to the polls. (sarcasm);)
  3. masomenos

    masomenos Less is more

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    It really just depends on the polls you look at. As of Monday Obama was up 13 points in NY according to Rasmussen. As of 9/9 Obama was leading in PA in a Qunnipac poll. And as of the 10th Obama was up 5 points in Michigan in a Rasmussen poll.

    In other words, at this point, polls mean nothing.
  4. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg That gum you like. Zone Supporter

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    Wow. According to that map, Obama is within 5 in Texas. Good times.
  5. Aikbach

    Aikbach Well-Known Member

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    That's because the poll was conducted on 6th Street in Austin.:D

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